10 Things You’ll Hear From Filipino Balikbayans When You Pick Them Up From NAIA

 10 Things You’ll Hear From Filipino Balikbayans When You Pick Them Up From NAIA


Picking up your loved ones whom you haven’t seen in a while is always an emotional moment, especially for Filipinos picking up beloved balikbayans who have sacrificed so much for their family.

Within all the tears and smiles though, I’ve noticed that balikbayans tend to say the same things over and over again.

Here’s our list of 10 things you’ll surely hear from Filipiino balikbayans when you pick them up fron NAIA! (English translation below the tagalog versions)




10. Hay naku po oh my gad, I don’t know na how to ispik tagalog anymore na….. I’m not bery use to it anymore na…. it’s very difacul…. difical…. diffico….. ummmm…. mahirap.

OMG, I don’t know to to speak Filipino anymore. I’m not used to it anymore. It’s very difacul…. difical…. diffico….. ummmm…. mahirap.


9. Kailangan ko ba bigyan ng tip yun guard? Ang bait nya eh tinulungan ako magtulak ng cart. 

Do I have to tip the guards? They’re so nice, they helped me push my cart.


8. Grabe pa rin an init dito! Di na ako sanay! Pawis na ako agad!

The heat here is smoldering! I’m not used to it anymore! I’m sweaty already!


7. Grabe yun airport natin, di pa rin umaasenso. Yun airport doon sa _______ (insert stopover here), naku, ang ganda!

Man the airport here still hasn’t’’’t gotten any better.  The airport at _________ (insert stopover here) was amazing!


6. Kawawa naman mga taong nanlilimos dyan so kanto, di ba sila matulungan ng gobyerno?

I feel bad for those people begging for money over there, can’t the government do something to help them?


5. Naku miss ko na ang authentic Filipino food! Kain tayo sa Jollibee!

I miss the authentic Filipino food! Let’s eat Jollibee!


4. Grabe talaga yun traffic dito! Di ko na talaga kaya ito! As in wow, grabe!

The traffic here is crazy! I really can’t take it anymore! Like, wow!


3. Sino na ba yun sikat na artista ngayon? Sikat pa ba si Sharon Cuneta?

Who are the big celebrities now? Is Sharon Cuneta still big?


2. Hay yun hangin dito ang dumi-dumi! Doon sa ibang bansa ang linis-linis! Da goberment should act  to help stop dis pollatio… pollatio…. polluta…. ….  MAUSOK!

The air here is so dirty! There in the other countries it is so clean! The government should really do something to help stop the pollatio… pollatio…. polluta…. ….  MAUSOK!


1. Miss na kita sobra…. I love you!

I missed you so much…. I love you!


And of course, the one thing they all definitely say is, “There’s no place like home!” We love the Philippines! =) 

Can you relate to this? 

What other things do balikbayans say when you pick them up from the airport?

Share this with your hardworking balikbayan family members whom you love! =)


 10 Things You’ll Hear From Filipino Balikbayans When You Pick Them Up From NAIA