10 Stages We’ve all Been Going through During the Quarantine

Written by Jenna Wang

Graphics by Clarissa Li

As the quarantine continues, so much time has come and gone. Within that time period, many of us have chosen to pick up a few hobbies or habits to get us along the day. Here are ten stages we may all be going through throughout the community quarantine.

1. The Clean Freak Stage

We’ve all caught ourselves looking into those boxes that have been left to collect dust for who knows how long. It’s usually in this stage where we find old toys or objects filled with old memories and just can’t help but reminisce until the room starts to smell of dust. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing a messy corner turn into a tidy and clean place–that might be why it hurts when we see it becoming messy again!

2. The Exercise Junkie Stage

Just because the community quarantine has closed all public gym facilities doesn’t mean we can’t stay fit and healthy. Many of us have taken this time inside to work on keeping ourselves toned or even gaining some muscle. That may be done through our own home-fitness workout our maybe even “Chloe Ting’s 2-Week Shred Challenge”, whichever one it is, make sure to stay hydrated!

3. The Online Shopping Addict Stage

If there was a list of “most dangerous stages to enter” this would win first place. There is nothing more addicting than seeing a great looking product selling for an even greater price but seeing it a hundred more times may be pushing it. While online shopping has proved convenient and useful for all of us, it might be great to do so in moderation. Online shopping begs the bigger question, “Why does it feel so good but hurt (my wallet) so bad?”

4. The Home Bakery/Restaurant/Cafe/Bar Stage

Our long periods of time at home has created the greatest opportunity to brush up on our skills in the kitchen. Some of us have even taken this time to create our own home bakery/restaurant/cafe/bar to meet our cravings. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, everybody experiences a different type of joy when a recipe they followed turns out to taste just how you imagine it to–dalgona coffee anyone?

5. The D.I.Y. Expert Stage

Have any clothes that have holes or maybe even an old garment that needs some re-inventing? Why not D.I.Y. them? The quarantine has lead us to find many old things that we hadn’t realized even existed. Along with that comes a great curiosity to see just what would happen if we put them all together to make something new. After all, even if it turns out bad its the process that counts right?

6. The Study is Life Stage

All students alike can agree that even if school has ended, school never ends. It’s within this time that many of us choose to take online classes either for fun or to study ahead. Many senior high school students may also take this quarantine period as a time to study for college entrance exams, or senior college students, licensure exams. Even if you’re not studying for any of these reasons or maybe even all of them, learning can do no wrong!

7. The Netflix Stage

Okay, maybe it’s not Netflix, but we all can agree that we’ve all binged a show at least once during the quarantine. How could we not? Enjoying a great show in the comfort of our own home may not be the greatest use of our time but it is THE GREATEST USE OF OUR TIME. Good TV shows or movies that we watch are also a great way to have a conversation starter so it isn’t all that bad to spend a few hours-afternoons or maybe even some days on them, right?

8. The Gaming Stage

Whether it’s playing on a game console or online with your friends, we’ve all reached this stage at one point. Gaming may as well be one of the greatest boredom-busters and is a great way to spend time with your family indoors or maybe even while with your friends via video call. We also can’t leave out that playing games are a great way to relieve some stress unless–you’re playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons to which I say, hey, have I checked my turnip prices yet?

9. The “Unleash Your Inner Artist” Stage

“Art is a form of expression” and since nobody is here to hear any of our other forms of expression, why not give it a go? Jokes aside, art is a great way to release any strained emotions or anything that we have stuck in our chest. This expression has been made even more important now that we are stuck at home left to brew in our own thoughts. Even if people make any form of art just for fun or for any reason under the sun don’t be afraid to share it. Who knows, you could be the next Vincent van Gogh!

10. The “Phone is my Friend” Stage

The quarantine has lead many of us to be stuck at home and have minimal to no contact with the outside world. This may be a great reason why many of us feel so inclined to always be on our phones to call any of our friends either out of worry or just because you miss your regular interactions with them. Either way, humans are naturally sociable creatures, and it’s not weird to want to talk to those you love even once in a while! Go ahead and give your friend a call now and tell them you miss them, you never know how much it means to a person to hear that someone misses them or even goes out of their way to chat with them if just for a while.

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The Quarantine has affected all of us in differing spectrums both emotionally and physically. Although it may seem somewhat sad to stay home all alone, it’s only to keep ourselves and the community safe and to stop the virus from proliferating! As the quarantine does reach its end I hope many of us may still keep in mind to keep safe, clean, and healthy in this new world where many of us still need to practice social-distancing until the unforeseen future.


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