10 Spots to Visit in Coron, The Beach Lover’s Paradise

5. CYC Beach

Coron Paradise 5

The only public beach in Coron.

4. Malcapuya Island

Coron Paradise 3

Malcapuya Island is a beach with a long stretch of very fine white sand. You’ll surely enjoy hanging out in this spot.

Travel Tip: At the left part of the beach, there is an elevated part of the shore where you can hike and have a vantage point of the island. Nice for photo ops and creative photography.

3. Banana Island

Coron Paradise 9

A privately owned island, Banana Island is, no, not shaped like a banana, but was said to be abundant with banana trees many years back. This island is also a lunch stopover spot for island hopping tours. Enjoy the calm and pristine waters after eating. Kayak rentals are also available.

2. Barracuda Lake and Siete Pecados

Coron Paradise 6

These are said to be the best diving and snorkeling spots. Both sites are a must when visiting Coron!

1. Bulog Dos Island

Coron Paradise 1

Saving the best for last. When I returned to Coron last 2013, that was the first time  I reached this island…and I fell in love with it! A white sand shore and a sand bar on the side, Bulog Dos offers the best of both worlds! Not to mention that this island is the closest to the famed luxury resort of Two Seasons.

Hope to visit Calauit, Cuyo, and Busuanga in the near future. Although I don’t really mind going  back for the 3rd time. to Coron. This island is really worth every penny!

More Coron Travel Tips

  • Who to contact: Calamian Islands Travel and Tours. Request for Kuya Rico to be your tour guide.
  • Where to eat: Kawayanan Grill is popular amongst the locals and tourists. Grab all the fresh seafood you can eat!
  • Where to stay: If you prefer being near the Town Proper, you may opt to stay at Balaibinda Lodge. For peace and quiet, with the view of either the mountain or the sea side, contact Mt. Tapyas Hotel.

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