10 Spots to Visit in Coron, The Beach Lover’s Paradise

The entirety of Palawan is, by far, the most breathtaking paradise I have ever been to. No wonder after seeing them once, I had to visit Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron again without even blinking an eye. These places are totally worth the second glance.

For now, let us first focus on my favorite island…Coron! I hope this post will convince you to pack your bags and just go to this superb destination. So what iconic spots should you check out in Coron? A lot, I must say.

10. Mt Tapyas View Deck

Coron Paradise 1

Physically fit or not, those who accept the challenge could climb the 742 steps of Mt. Tapyas. Stairs are in good condition though could be quite slippery during rainy days. The view from the top is magnificent. You can see the whole lot of Coron, and do the obligatory photo op with the giant cross (also the living proof that you indeed reached the top). Bring a bottle of water because you will definitely need it.

9. Maquinit Hot Springs

Coron Paradise 9

This could be your next destination after the tiring trek to Mt. Tapyas View Deck. The hot springs of Maquinit will soothe your aching muscles and is best to be visited before sunset. This is to have a view while making ‘muni-muni‘ while dipped in the hot spring. Maquinit Hot Springs is just a tricycle ride away from the city proper.

I believe that the roundtrip cost is P300, and the driver will be waiting for you at the venue until you are finished. Note that the road can be bumpy, so brace yourselves.

8. Kayangan Lake

Coron Paradise 2

The one spot you should not miss when going to Coron. Said to be the cleanest lake in Asia, such is accessible by a 15-minute mountain trek. Believe me when I say that the crystal clear waters of the lake will be worth your time and effort.

7. Twin Lagoon

Coron Paradise 4

The first lagoon is where the boats dock and the second one is accessible by swimming under a small ‘siwang’ under a huge rock during low tide, and a ladder over it during high tide. You will observe that the water looks blurry and somewhat oily on the surface. Also, the temp can be cold then warm at the same time. These observations are valid because the lake has brackish waters, a combination of freshwater and salt water.

6. Atwayan and Banol Beach

Coron Paradise 7

These beaches are where lunch during island tours are being served. As Banol beach can be a bit crowded, Atwayan beach has nipa huts and can be an alternative place for eating lunch. One can also try kayaking after to burn those carbs away.

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