10 Reasons why you should explore eSports (according to the world champions themselves)

By: Tiffany Tolones

TNC group pic

When In Manila team met with DOTA 2 Champions shortly after they won a World Championship title tourney in Shanghai, China. This team bagged the World Electronics Sports Games (WESG) Championship title against the formidable Cloud 9 team and went home with the cash prize of $800,000 (around P40M) despite being a newly formed team.

The team is composed of Marc Polo “Raven” Fausto (Carry), Samson Solomon “Sam_H” Hidalgo (Offlane), Timothy “Tims” Randrup (Farming Support), Ryo “ryOyr” Hasegawa (Hard Support), and Carlo “kuku” Palad (Mid laner) as their team leader.

They shared their humble beginnings and adventures over dinner.

10. Gaming is something you can be passionate about.

Millenials are always online and online gaming is their usual hobby. With the advanced technology we have now, computer games are almost accessible everywhere. Almost every street in Manila has at least one computer shop, so you can really play games anytime, anywhere.

Most of the members started early in playing DOTA ranging from 6-12 years of experience. Raven has been playing since he was 10 and Ryo has been playing for 12 years already.

9.This will definitely make you happy.

TNC fun pic

If this is your hobby, you’ll definitely have fun while you’re at it. It’s like loving someone. You give your time, effort, and energy to be good at it. Simply playing your favorite game makes you happy because you love it.

8.You learn to socialize with friends and even with strangers.

TNC playing

Online computer games forces you to socialize with your friends. It makes your bonds stronger, like having a LAN party (while trash talking each other lol). Definitely, you will meet people online as comrades and as opponents.

Members of TNC met via tournaments, when TNC organized a contest in search for young talents.

7.While there could be ups and downs, gaming instills valuable lessons for your improvement

TNC Pro Team never had it easy. They have their fair share of ups and downs too. While TNC started scouting gaming talents in 2013, the present team still did not succeed out of nothing. For a fact, fans knew that TNC stopped handling the team and focused on events until December 2014. They had to create a complete slate from their tournament of young bloods to find new gamers to hit the stage.

From there it has been smooth sailing for TNC until TI6 (The International 2016 tournament) as the line up has shuffled and some players transferred teams.

“It was quite hard to rebuild the team…kasi siyempre doon sa naiwan, nasanay na sila doon sa former team mates nila. [F]or us, hindi naman pwede kumuha ng talents; hindi porke’t talented, okay na,” TNC Pro Team Manager Paulo Sy said.

Despite of those struggles, TNC is back in the game with its champion roster in the WESG tourney. With their great line up of talented gamers, the TNC now is dominating the world stage.

6.Gaming keeps you humble and grounded.

Gaming requires patience, persistence, and resilience. The team usually practices take 8-10 hrs every day, doing matches, watching replays and strategizing their team plays.

However, what makes TNC different from other teams, and what they’re really proud of, is their discipline that some teams don’t have.

Raven advised new players, “kung gusto niyo maging professional DOTA player, ayusin niyo ang attitude niyo,” while Tims recommended that it’s all about regulation and moderation.

The team does not only face opponents on-screen, but off screen too. When it comes to challenges, the players had their fair share. Kuku struggles on separation from his family, while the others struggle on continuing their education.

5.This is the playground for everyone.

Gaming goes past the borders. Anyone can be an online gamer, with the right equipment, attitude, and skills.

4. It makes you competitive and goal-driven.

WESG Trophy

At first, TNC was inspired by superstar DOTA players they dreamt to defeat someday. Then, as time goes by, their goals and dreams change. Their thirst for the title of a world champion intensified. In WESG, they left the country with the mindset of bagging the world title.

3. It opens the gate for many opportunities.

TNC Predator jacket

Gaming opens you to different opportunities in life. For TNC, it was a fateful encounter. At the last moments before TNC went for China, the proposed partnership of TNC with Acer’s Predator was approved. Days before their match in China, they were rushing to produce jackets and bags. For TNC, it’s as if all the pieces came together and completed the picture.

Their manager, Paulo Sy recalled, “Sobrang bilis talaga ng mga pangyayari. I think it’s destiny, it’s meant to be na magkapartner.”

He said that the team is very satisfied with their partnership with Predator who is very attentive to their needs.

TNC and Predator are also teaming for a high-end gaming restaurant and café in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

It is the first gaming-themed restaurant in the area. For gamers who want a place to hang out, with a fast internet connection, cozy ambiance and offers good food, this restaurant is the perfect place for you. It also has several event halls you can use for hosting events. The Predator’s Lair is complete with computers and equipment, perfect for your LAN party.

2. It takes you to places. Literally.

Players compete in different countries to play games and to represent their nation. During WESG competition, TNC flew to Shanghai, China to battle with the greatest DOTA 2 players around the globe.

All these are just the beginning for TNC. In fact, they are playing for some competitions this February: DOTA 2 Asia Championships in Feb. 3-12, The StarLadder SEA Games Qualifiers in Feb. 23-26 in Shanghai, China and the Chev Majors in Ukraine if they were invited to play or they qualified for it.

1. You can make a career out of this.

Perhaps parents are correct when they say that DOTA and online games, in general, are distractions. However, TNC Pro Team argues that everything is okay as long as it is regulated. The team encourages people to still focus on their schooling over games.

“Definitely school pa rin over any computer game, pero this [eSports] can be a legitimate career,” Sy said.

Nothing awaits eSports but progress. In due time, the country will actively support this kind of sport as much as people support the physical ones.

“This achievement of TNC is a big step towards the bright future of eSports in the Philippines,”Sy added.

TNC proved that playing computer games can lead you to your dreams. If you really love to play computer games, why not explore eSports today? Who knows, you might be the next world champion to represent our country.

Now, what do you of eSports? Should we push for it?


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