10 Reasons Why Color Manila Run is More than Just the Colors

5. You’ll get a chance to meet and run with famous personalities

From singers, actors, actresses, DJs, and a spoken word artist, you name it, you’ll never know who’s the next celebrity you’ll meet in a Color Manila run! 

Color Manila 8Kuya Kim giving a live weather report for our challengers

Color Manila 3Phytos Ramirez enjoying with the crowd

Color Manila 2Sheena Halili gets covered in green powder thanks to fellow challengers

Color Manila 26Karylle sending out peace to everybody (and her husband Yael was also at the event!)

4. Every Color Manila Run is like a 2-in-1 event

You read it right: going to a Color Manila run is like going to 2 events for 1! The fun never ends with the colored powders, obstacles or twistsnot even at the finish linebecause every Color Manila run caps off with a color festival where everyone celebrates their hearts out to the latest hits in a shower of more colored powder madness.

Color Manila 24

Color Manila 27

And in the end, like in the case of CM Challenge Manila, you’ll realize how fun it is to party in coloreven if it’s at 10 am on a Sunday morning.

3. Awesome kits at reasonable prices

You get to experience the happy feeling of getting your money’s worth and more more MORE! That’s one way of describing getting a race kit for a Color Manila run. Every kit comes with an assortment of items depending on what race kit you purchased. Though, of course, it features the essentials: a singlet, finisher’s medal, race bib, color packet, and sunglasses or a headlamp. You won’t need to worry that much on what items to bring or what top to wear, thanks to these awesome kits!

Color Manila 14

2. Everyone’s a winner

In a Color Manila run, whether you’re the first to finish or the last person in the course, everyone gets first place! It’s no competition, so everyone gets a finisher’s medal, bragging rights and a chance to wave your medals in the air during the color festival. Now that’s a win-win situation.

Color Manila 16

1. Diversity and Camaraderie

Ultimately, what’s more to a Color Manila run than just a collision of colored powder is the “collision” of a different kind of hue – nationalities and personalities.

Color Manila 18A group of Japanese ladies enjoying the run in their wigs and tutus 

Color Manila 5

I, myself, became part of the those who cheered on and encouraged other struggling challengers at the different obstacles. I, myself, saw and had a fellow challenger whom I never knew, come by and help me with the wall-over obstacle.

Color Manila 17

Color Manila 12

From both perspectives of being a runner and a fellow supporter, I gained a sense of new hope for humanity and even Pinoy Pride as we all went through the obstacle course together. And I don’t know where else you can experience both things coupled up with fun, music, and tons of color together with a community of challengers who are up for a fun time in their running shoes.

Color Manila 23

And as Color Manila puts it, we are human canvasses and they’re there to bring out the most energetic and happiest hue there is in us, so what are you waiting for? Catch them here to experience the color, and get your running shoes ready for these fun runs:

Color Manila

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