10 Reasons Why Color Manila Run is More than Just the Colors

Words by Jerika Danielle Clemente
Photos by Zachary Garcia
Graphics by Charisse Timtiman

Color Manila is back with their ninth annual fun run–with a twist. The latest leg of the “Challenge Cycle” was held last July 30 in McKinley West, Taguig with an estimate of  5,000 challengers.

Color Manila 9

Inspired by India’s Holi or the “Festival of Colors”, Color Manila is set to make your fun run experience far from the ordinary, and they’ve done it again through CM Challenge Manilaa fun run incorporated with obstacles, some of which were created in collaboration with the Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation (POSF).

And whether you’ve missed this color-filled experience or are still hung over by the euphoria of finishing the run, here are 10 reasons why Color Manila is more than just the colors, and why you shouldn’t miss any of them in the future:

10. Every run is a (really) fun run

Don’t you just hate it when pressure takes the fun out of things?

Well, in CM Challenge Manila, you don’t have to worry about running, sliding, jumping, skipping, and climbing under time pressure, because like every other Color Manila run, it’s untimed and you can go at your own pace while enjoying the experiencewhether it be of the obstacles, black lights or whatnot, no pressure means more fun!

Color Manila 21

Color Manila 20

Color Manila 10

9. Everyone and anyone can splurge in color

If you think you have to be a professional runner or have ultra-strong leg muscles and be perfectly fit in order to join, that’s where you’re wrong.

Color Manila 15

CM Challenge Manila, like every Color Manila run, is one of those runs wherein you would see toddlers with those of the older generations enjoying the collision of colors and fun times. 

Color Manila 19

As long as there is proper supervision and you know how to jog and run (which I’m sure you do) then you’re good to go!

Color Manila 4

Color Manila 1

8. All fun, no worry

They say the world is a dangerous place, but fear not, because every Color Manila run is an event you don’t have to be scared of!

In every run, there will always be a standby ambulance, stationed medic tent, water tents, portalets, reliable baggage areas and, of course, security personnel throughout the whole event. Color Manila also posts friendly reminders, guidelines and even before-during-and-after-race tips for every run, so that you can have the full experience without any worry.

7. You’ll see how enjoyable being fit can actually be

Is this your first time joining a fun run? Do you have a negative view of running and getting sweaty? No worries! In Color Manila, you’ll have a new outlook on being fit. With the fun that goes with it, you’ll forget all about the sweat, muscle sore, and even being tired because you’re too pumped up with endorphinsand it will all be worth it.

Color Manila 11

Color Manila 13

6. Booths and concessionaires

Feeling hungry? Aside from the free water, food, and drink concessionaires, there is also the event area where some sponsors had their booths set up.

Color Manila 6

Color Manila 7

Go Pro, Wilkins, and Pascual Creamy Delight were some of the few booths set up during the event, and each challenger had a chance to get freebies and know more about them. For advocacies, Operation Blessing also had a booth in the event area wherein challengers can drop off their shoe box donations while Pink Women On Fire were present with their advocacy to help stop cancer in children.