10 Reasons to Celebrate at Vikings SM North Edsa

When in Manila, there are a lot of ways to celebrate your birthday.  Some celebrants choose to whip up their specialties and fill the whole dining table with their classic fried chicken, the pansit for long life (of course!), perhaps a bowl of cool and creamy fruit salad and many more.  It seems that the more food on the table, the more joyous the celebration is. 

But others, like my family, opt to enjoy a stress-free birthday and dine in their favorite restaurants.  Yep, we did just that last week on my mom’s birthday.  Ever since the Vikings had arrived in Manila, it became our favorite food place to feast in during our birthdays. With long buffet tables filled with all sorts of  dishes, celebrating in Vikings is not only luxurious, but is just as festive and memorable.   

Let me tell you ten reasons why Vikings is the best place for a celebration:

10.  You may run some errands, go shopping, and saunter at SM North Edsa before or after you dine.

There are so many things you can do at SM North Edsa.  Vikings is so conveniently placed on the 3rd floor, that after you have lunch in Vikings, you may proceed to do some errands, pass by the grocery, or even continue celebrating your birthday by pampering yourself pretty.  

9.  Be treated like royalty on your birthday!

Vikings Sm North Edsa Buffet When In Manila Birthday Celebration-012

The waiters placed this adorable Vikings hat on my mom, sang her happy birthday, and danced to their own made beats.  They were truly very fun & entertaining to watch.

Vikings even serves a round chocolate cake covered with generous amount of icing for all the birthday celebrants.

Vikings Sm North Edsa Buffet When In Manila Birthday Celebration-008

8.  Do enjoy the luxurious 5-star hotel ambience with Vikings’ classic architecture, furnishings & decors.

We couldn’t help but express our oohs and aahs as we noticed the intricate details at Vikings SM North Edsa.  The crystal draping, the chandeliers, and the interestingly cut out fish shaped glasses created such a luxurious ambience.

Vikings Sm North Edsa Buffet When In Manila Birthday Celebration-021

Vikings Sm North Edsa Buffet When In Manila Birthday Celebration-001

 Vikings Sm North Edsa Buffet When In Manila Birthday Celebration-020

Beware of mouth-watering pictures ahead.


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