10 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Mt. Purro Nature Reserve, Antipolo

I will always look at my visit to Mt. Purro Nature Reserve as one of the best trips I’ve had in the Philippines. Just a few hours away from the Metro, Mt. Purro has the same cold weather as Baguio, but without the long drive. This is a place where you can truly “Disconnect to Connect.” It is the land of almost zero phone signal.

Here, you get to appreciate your experiences without the distractions — climb a mountain, do a river excursion, ride a zipline, or even roast marshmallows by a bonfire. Aside from the many adventures you can have, you can take part in a mission bigger than yourself.

This sanctuary has a story that will touch the hearts of many. Mt. Purro Nature Reserve was built on the humble lands of Antipolo by the heart and hands of the Dumagat Tribe. This place and the movement to plant more trees in the balding mountains of Sierra Madre was inspired by Toto Malvar’s dream to save the environment, create sustainable livelihoods, and share their stories.

10 Reasons Why I Fell in Love with Mt. Purro Nature Reserve, Antipolo

10. The Endless Greenery

The surroundings of Mt. Purro Nature Reserve are enthralling. I was captivated the whole time I was roaming around the camp.

The fresh air and the scenery were enough to put me in a relaxed and blissful mood.

It was certainly a setting I didn’t mind getting lost in. Each corner had a surprise — may it be a garden, a gazebo, or a lonely swing calling out for me.

9. Comfortable Accommodations

I had the opportunity to stay in the casitas where I enjoyed my glorious beauty sleep and a relaxing pre-scheduled massage!

The rooms are properly ventilated, too. There is no need for air conditioning because of the cool mountain weather. The bed is soft and the bathroom has a heated shower – perfect for when you want to unwind after a hectic day filled with activities.

8. The Hike to Malvar’s Peak

Another reason why I love Mt. Purro Nature Reserve is because they provide hiking tours and guides. Thanks to them, I was able to conquer the trail of Malvar’s Peak.

7. Bunsuran Falls, Calawis

Aside from hiking, Mt. Purro Nature Reserve also provides tours to Bunsuran Falls! I enjoyed this excursion very much because the trail is quite challenging. As such, arriving at the falls was 10 times more rewarding.

6. The Cooking Demos with the Dumagat Tribe

Interacting with the Dumagat Tribe elders further sparked my appreciation for Mt. Purro Nature Reserve. I was thoroughly impressed when I saw how they cook meals with simple things like bamboo, pandan leaves, and fire.

Imagine if all your meals were cooked like this. You’d be alive for such a long time! The rice and sinigang are both so delicious!

5. A Zipline Across the Forest

The camp also has other activities that both kids and adults will enjoy. I definitely had fun riding the mini zipline from one end of the forest to the other!

4. A Romantic Dinner in a Gazebo

If you think Mt. Purro is only for the adventure seekers, think again; it’s also for romantics! For our third anniversary, my boyfriend asked Mt. Purro’s accommodating staff for help in arranging this private dinner.

3. New Friends at the Community Bonfire

If you’re single or just looking to make some new friends, Mt. Purro’s community bonfire has got you covered.

Share some laughs over roasted marshmallows with other people staying at the camp. You’ll be surprised how many of them could be a friend of a friend. Small world!

2. The Nature Playscape and Game Room

As I explored Mt. Purro, I stumbled upon their Nature Playscape. Here, kids can tackle on obstacle courses, play on the swing, and go down the slide.

The Game Room is yet another highlight of Mt. Purro. I had so much fun playing foosball here (even though I’m not that good at it). They also have a billiards table, a pingpong table, chess, and sungka.

1. Delicious Food

Last but not the least, there is Loli’s Kitchen, Mt. Purro’s in-house restaurant, which serves up delicious home-cooked Filipino meals that you certainly won’t forget.

You can feel the love and attention in each dish. It felt like I was eating a meal prepared by my mom or a loving relative.

All in all, Mt. Purro Nature Reserve is definitely a place I will always hold dear to my heart. I had an adventure here that I won’t forget. If you want to experience the same things that I did, pack your bags and head on to Antipolo! You won’t regret it.

Mount Purro Nature Reserve

Barangay Calawis Antipolo, Rizal

542 3005



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