10 Photography Tools from the HUAWEI AppGallery for Your HUAWEI P40 Series

Been using my HUAWEI P40 Pro for around 3 weeks now and so far, I’m having a blast!

You see, aside from the fact that it’s 5G ready, has an ultra-clear screen and breathtaking camera features (both back and front), one of the strengths of the HUAWEI P40 Series and HUAWEI, in general, is, in fact, their HUAWEI AppGallery

HUAWEI AppGallery: currently the third-biggest app distribution platform globally

FYI: The Huawei AppGallery is more than just the default app store on their newest smartphones — it is currently the third-biggest app distribution platform globally, with 180 billion downloads and 390 million monthly active users worldwide. Every day the AppGallery grows bigger, adding more apps and games to its repertoire for users to enjoy. 

As one of those who have been fortunate to attend HUAWEI events abroad for years now (I’m really thankful because even though I’m far from being a tech journalist, I do learn so much about HUAWEI and its culture with each trip), I got to witness how the HUAWEI AppGallery grew so fast since the 3rd quarter of 2019 up to now.

And since HUAWEI smartphones are very popular here in the Philippines, the AppGallery makes sure that we Pinoys can get to directly download our top local apps. 

Anyways, if you are planning to upgrade to a HUAWEI P40 series smartphone… TRUST ME. GO FOR IT! Owning a HUAWEI P40 series phone is like having power right at your palm. The camera system setup that’s co-engineered by LEICA partnered with the powerful Kirin 990 5G guarantees an experience like no other.

To further take your mobile photography experience to greater heights, I’d like to share with you 10 photography apps that I downloaded directly from the AppGallery. This list is composed of apps with tons of FREE filters, easy video editing options, FREE music for videos, cool camera effects and more. I actually downloaded and tested a lot and so far, these 10 apps are on top of my personal list (no particular order). 

10. Wonder Video – If you want to level-up your IG Story game, this app has a lot of creative and magical video effects for you to choose from. Aside from having effects that are totally FREE, I also discovered that it’s also a nice and easy to use video editing app with lots of FREE music and themed templates to help you create visually stunning stories.

9. Mix by Camera 360– It’s so nice to know that Mix is in the AppGallery. This is one of my favorite photo editing apps since it has countless artistic film filters whenever I feel like posting retro-looking photos. It’s also easy to use and has no annoying ads.

8. UOKA Cam – I love how clean and simple its interface is. So refreshing to the eyes. OUKA is a photo editing app with lots of filters that are well organized per category. If MUJI had a photo editing app, it would definitely be like this. It looks so simple and neat. Hands down to whoever made this.

7. Vimage – This is one of my most treasured apps for over 2 years now, as it adds life to photos with moving elements and effects. It simply turns your photos into live pieces of art. You can add animated birds, butterflies, bubbles, fireworks, sparkles, flames, ornaments, swirls to coffee shots, fizz on beverages, steam on dishes and so much more especially if you subscribe monthly. This one is an absolute must if you aim to level-up your Instagram game.

6. InShot – I’ve been using this cool video editing app since last year. I’d call this as my “finishing app” before I publish since this is where I pick the color grading as well as the background music for my videos. 1st, I organize my videos per frame on the QUIK app then after exporting, I then load it here on InShot for the final touches. I love using this because it has a lot of FREE background music tracks to choose from.

5. APRIL – Here’s another option aside from the popular Canva app (which is also at the AppGallery). For clean looking poster layouts and collages, APRIL is an app that you definitely ought to try. It has a lot of ready-to-use cute frames and artsy layouts to help you easily achieve the look you want. I’m new to using this and so far, I enjoy exploring the app. If you’re an “artsy” type, then I’m sure you’ll love this app a lot.

4. Reverse Video Maker – I love reversing video clips! There’s something about it that I find so satisfying. This Reverse Video Maker is an app that I recently discovered on the AppGallery and it works so well. It even has an option to feature both original and reversed video plus you can also add music and choose a suitable filter to make it more eye-catching.

3. Reverse Movie FX – Another Reverse video app that I recommend is this. You can get a ton of inspiration by watching countless reverse video examples here that actually look like magic tricks! You need a pro version though to download your video on high resolution, but the free version ain’t bad as well. 

2. Light Crown Face Camera – This one is another new favorite download from the AppGallery. It’s more than just your typical photo editing app. Here, you can glam up photos with glittery and cute stickers to wrap around subjects to give your photos that much needed extra oomph!

1. Kuji Cam – Love creating photos with a vintage touch? Kuji Cam has tons of filters and effects like leak and dust, grain bokeh effects, date stamp, film dust and many more. The app also has its own camera interface with a huge shutter button for your thumb to click on to. I find myself oddly fascinated with the shutter button since it gives the user a different feel when taking photos. It has a pro version and I’m super tempted to subscribe soon.

I hope you like my recommendations. I actually have more apps to add, but I guess I’ll save those for the next list. For now, aside from the apps mentioned above, I highly suggest you also explore your HUAWEI AppGallery and let me know what other cool apps should we download and try out.

Before I forget, you can now pre-order the HUAWEI P40 Series until April 24. Click this link for more details https://www.wheninmanila.com/pre-order-your-huawei-p40-series-from-march-27-until-april-24-to-get-amazing-freebies/

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