10 Most Unforgettable Pinoy Horror Films

Words by Camille Geguera

Halloween is just around the corner and one way to celebrate it is to marathon horror movies! It seems to be overwhelming trying to choose which ones to watch first because of how many there are out there. We got you covered! Try these classic Pinoy movies:

10. Sukob (2006)

Sukob refers to the old Filipino superstition that one must not get married in the same year that an immediate relative dies/siblings must not get married in the same year or else bad luck will come upon the couple.

In Sukob, a couple returns to their hometown from overseas to prepare for their wedding not knowing that a deadly curse follows them. Box-Office Horror Queen Kris Aquino and Claudine Barreto play the lead roles where they uncover a secret that divulges the origin of these hauntings.

9. Ouija (2007)

Judy Ann Santos, Rhian Ramos, Iza Calzado, and Jolina Magdangal are relatives in this movie where they’re reunited during the burial of their grandmother. The girls try to be daring and peruse an old Ouija board not knowing that they’re actually calling for an evil spirit.

Before they even finish the ritual, the Ouija board is burned by accident, triggering the start of the paranormal activities. The girls are set on a quest to stop the horrors following them–but things aren’t always what they seem.

8. Pridyider (2012)

Pridyider is a supernatural film based off of the 1984 film Shake, Rattle, & Roll. Tina, played by Andi Eigenmann, is sent to the United States due to the tragedy of her parents that was never explained to her growing up. She then returns to their old home, haunted by a man-eating refrigerator.

It turns out that the refrigerator is cursed by a demon–and you’ll never guess who put the curse on it!

7. ‘Wag Kang Lilingon (2006)

The plot of the movie is separated into three parts: Uyayi, Salamin, and the Epilogue. Nina, played by Anne Curtis, is an orphan after a tragedy befell her family. She went to the United States to study nursing and returns to her hometown to work in a hospital where her childhood house was once erected.

In this hospital, patients are being murdered left and right. The mystery of who’s doing it ties all three parts together in a chilling way.

6. Txt (2006)

After breaking up with her obsessive boyfriend and a car accident which led to said ex-boyfriend’s death, Joyce, played by Angel Locsin, has been receiving text messages from his phone. Thinking that it was only a prank, Joyce chose to ignore them. However, the haunting continues which forces Joyce to seek help from a with a witch doctor. With some help, Joyce unravels how her ex-boyfriend is still haunting her from beyond the grave.


5. Shake, Rattle, and Roll 9 (2007)

The seventh installment of Shake, Rattle, and Roll is a trilogy: Poso, Aquarium, and Lihim ng San Joaquin. Each part is thrilling on their own.

In Poso, a rich lady hires a fake occultist so that she can speak to her late grandchild. Deaths follow and they must resolve the mystery of the Poso. The second part is about a haunted aquarium which seems to be killing whoever goes near it. Last but not least, a couple moves to San Joaquin which is infested with aswangs.

4. The Healing (2012)

Starring Vilma Santos, the movie is about a faith healer that has the capability to cure any disease and sickness. When Seth, played by Vilma Santos, brings her father to the famous faith healer after suffering from a stroke, her father is cured miraculously. People around found out about this and asked Seth where to find the faith healer so they could also seek help. However, there’s a price to be paid…

3. White Lady (2006)

Pauleen Luna plays the role of Pearl, a probinsiyana who arrives in Manila to study. A clique finds interest in Pearl because of her smarts. After realizing this, she no longer wants to be affiliated with the group, seeing that they’re just using her. Not long after, Pearl meets an elderly woman and is told the story of her granddaughter who died in the school and who haunts the school grounds.

2. Bahay Ni Lola (2001)

A family goes on vacation to their ancestral home to celebrate Christmas. However, instead of bonding on a fun family trip, they do nothing but quarrel. Because of this, evil spirits seize the opportunity to terrorize the family. It is now up to the spirit of their Lola, as a guiding spirit, to protect their family from the terrors haunting them.

1. Feng Shui (2004)

Feng Shui is about a Bagua mirror which brings both luck and a curse to its owner. Ironically, the Bagua mirror is supposed to drive away evil spirits. Whoever stares into it, or even gets a glimpse of themselves in it, will die depending on what their Chinese zodiac sign is.

Joy, played by Kris Aquino, finds a Bagua mirror inside a package which will decide her family’s fate. With every stroke of luck that befalls them, something more sinister follows.

Which one is your favorite Pinoy horror movie? Let us know!