10 Kinds of Pulutan that Filipinos Love

The Philippines is a beer-drinking country. We have tons of beer selections and we also have the perfect kinds of pulutan to pair with them. Whether you like Strong, Pale, Light or Flavored Beer, here are some of the usual pulutan for beer that you can enjoy:

10 Kinds of Pulutan that Filipinos Love

10. Sausages

If you like beer, then you have probably tried pairing your favorite one with some sausages. If you like something local, some hot dogs are perfect with your beer or cocktail. These are perfect for barbecue parties and parties at home.


9. Kropek

This is definitely something you must have tried during your drinking sessions. It is very affordable and munching on some crispy pulutan is always awesome when drinking. If you are cooking at home, a pack of kropek for frying costs less than 50 pesos. If you are drinking out, pulutan in bars and restos are less than 100 pesos.


8. Nachos

Food for sharing is always a hit at drinking sessions and if you are looking for something tasty and filling, then nachos would be perfect. There are nachos that have tons of toppings on them, too, which is always a bonus. Nachos provide great value for money and if they’re cheezy, then they’re finger lickin’ good.

Nachos (PhP 145)

7. Dinakdakan

A little similar to sisig, dinakdakan is a mix of pig’s face, lungs, liver and sometimes brain. It is usually served sizzling, but the ingredients are grilled first. Drinkers loves this because it takes away the “umay” that most people feel while drinking.

Street Food na Pinasosyal at Chef Arch's Lime

6. French Fries

Skin On, Thick Cut or Mojos; this is a favorite with beer and/or cocktails. Some simply prefer them with salt and pepper, but this favorite has evolved and and is now served with different toppings at different places.
Charlies Fries

5. Gambas

This is best served with beer, cocktails or even rice. The sauce varies from sweet to spicy and even to stir fried in butter. Tasty!

Tiny Kitchen and Dulce Vida - Where Spanish Cuisine and Delectable Dessert Creations make a Delightful Davao City Getaway

4. Chicken Skin

This has become a favorite of many and one order is never enough. It is perfect when dipped in Mang Tomas or vinegar.

A taste of Old Manila at Tambayan Hostel and Gastrobar

3. Crispy Pata/Crispy Ulo

If you have a little more in your budget or are drinking with a big group, crispy pata or crispy ulo is perfect for sharing. Go chop them up and munch on them with your favorite beer.

Kuya J Crispy Pata Filipino Food Jericho Rosales When In Manila Frank Ruaya Mae Ilagan (23 of 37)

2. Chicken Wings

Chicken wings and beer has been a popular combo and now the flavors vary from sweet to salty to spicy to sour and even to cheesy. There are tons of possibilities when ordering chicken. They also come in the right sizes for sharing.

Macho Wings (5)

1. Sisig

This is a match made in heaven. Everyone has tried it, whether it’s chicken, pork or even fish! This sizzling pulutan is a staple at any drinking session and will never be dethroned as the perfect companion of beer.

Pulutan Sisig

There are tons of pulutan out there, but your choice will naturally depend on your taste and budget. What is your favorite pulutan? What drink do you normally match it with?

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