10 Concerts We Will Never Get Tired of Watching

Admit it: there are some concerts out there that, when you hear about them, you can’t help but squeal and exclaim that you absolutely must, must, must see those artists perform live. Well, we asked around and came up with this list of 10 concerts that people will apparently never get tired of watching! See if you agree:


10 Concerts We Will Never Get Tired of Watching


10. John Mayer

For those who love good guitar-playing and good music without too many bells and whistles, then John Mayer will be a very fulfilling concert for you. With timeless songs like Your Body is a Wonderland, Gravity and Free Fallin’, John Mayer will have you swooning even long after his concert is over.


9. Zedd

Zedd is, without a doubt, one of the best DJs of our time. Not only does he know how to pump up a crowd, but his light show is AMAZING, as well. Perfectly synchronised with great visuals and straight-in-the-feels music and lyrics, Zedd is sure to keep on pumping up the crowd for a long time to come.


8. Taylor Swift

I think the video says it all, but one thing that is so great about Taylor Swift is that her tunes are so darned catchy, it’s impossible not to feel the good vibes when you hear them. What fans love the most about Taylor, though, is the way that she connects with her fans.


7. Bruno Mars

Aside from having a ton of feel-good hits, Bruno Mars is also a very versatile performer and amazing singer, in general. (Just watch his performance at last year’s Superbowl Halftime Show above!)


6. Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi’s songs are infectious and energetic and simply perfect for concert-going and massive sing-along moments. While the guys might be a little older now, they still know exactly how to entertain a crowd.

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