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Eat & Drink

Kids Try Filipino Food 6

American Kids Try Filipino Food… Part 2!

Remember that video of little kids eating Filipino food for the first time that was just stinkin’ adorable? Well, cute as it was, the video featured some of our country’s more “exotic” fare, which obviously didn’t sit...

Little Owl

5 Reasons Why We Love Little Owl

In the quiet neighborhood of New Manila, Quezon City lies an almost undiscovered neighbourhood cafe called Little Owl. It just opened a few months ago and has already attracted residents, students, and workers around the area. It made quite a buzz...


You’re Invited: Soft Opening of Manila Food Park

Food parks had become a mainstream especially last 2016. It has always been at the top 5 of people’s choices on where to go, to eat, to bond and to create moments with their love ones. This year, a new food park will emerge at Malate, Manila...

Spud Buds

Spud Buds: Your Homegrown Potato Buddy

Potato chips, one of the most beloved and dominant food snack around the world. So popular that it owns 35% of the global $46 billion snack food industry. But did you know that we have our own home grown artisan potato chip? Spud Buds is the...

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 3

Taken Back in Time at Dekada 90 Cafe

Are you a 90s kid? Do you ever reminisce about your childhood? Are you a fan of the 90s? Or have you ever wondered what the 90s was like? If you answered yes to either one of these questions then get ready for a major throwback at this awesome cafe!...


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Being A Barista

If there’s one person who knows everything there is to know about being a barista, that would be Justin Dela Fuente from Costa Coffee, who just won the Southeast Asia and India leg of the brand’s annual Barista of the Year Competition. Fresh...

Alaska Powdered Milk Drink - Nicole Villaluz

8 Super Happy Ways to Serve Milk to Your Kids

How does milk make your kid feel? Happy, very happy, or super happy? Milk is an intrinsic part of any childhood. From infancy, kids are already introduced to what would become one of the most important parts of their days, and what they would have...

Happy Kitchen Cookie Christmas Basket

Happy Kitchen: The Gift of Homemade Goodies

Back in August, Happy Kitchen began with a single product—the Happy Cookie. Now, not even half a year later, Happy Kitchen has already expanded their line of products and now offer a wide variety of sweet treats and savory spreads. Happy Kitchen...

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