Zombie Run at Nuvali Sta. Rosa: Outbreak Manila

Zombie Run at Nuvali Sta. Rosa



When In Manila, the outbreak have already spreaded amongst the living! Zombies were let loose, survivors ran for their lives, and casualties were revived just so they can run again. Inspired by the Run For Your Lives fun-run event based in the United States, zombies came back from the dead and ready to chow down on running survivors that come their way. It’s a Zombie Run!


Zombie Run Organizers have been planning this whole event for months just to bring an exciting way of running to zombie die-hards and alike. I mean, who doesn’t like those moaning mindless creatures who only eat bloody flesh?! (Haha!) Even if you are not a runner nor the sporty type, you’ll definitely run for your life! This is what you call “fun-run”, literally!


Held at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, it was a 5-km trail filled with infested living dead, obstacle course, and water stations. Attended by an estimate of 5,000 runners just to be chased down by hordes of zombies. Zombie here, zombie there… zombies everywhere! Zombie Run at it’s best!


According to Zombie Run / Outbreak Manila:


“For a maximum thrill, Outbreak Manila offered 25 waves with 200 runners each. Each runner wore a belt with three flags that represented their lifelines. The objective of this unusual race was to get to the finish line the fastest with at least one flag intact.


Perilous as it seemed, a no-contact rule was strictly in place. Organizer Angelo Cruz of Re-Create Event says, “The safety of everyone is our number ones priority. Yes it sounds ironic considering we are unleashing the living dead to people.”


So now, here are some snapshots from the event that made waking up really early in morning worth it! I meant it when I say really early in the morning (4AM)! 



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 001

Registering at the Wave 8 Zombie Run tent to claim the race bib and flag belt



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 005

Of course, a Zombie Run event cover wouldn’t be complete without taking a picture with the stage as a background!



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 006

Thanks to one of the event organizers, Debbie Victa, for bringing in the zombies and feeding them with runners!



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 002

Hyped runners at the beginning of the race… Run, run, run!!



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 003

This is what friends are for: human sacrifice! Haha!



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 0013

Runner: Zombie can’t catch me, I’m Dash!



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 0011

Signs everywhere which leads to more zombies, safe zones and danger zones for the Zombie Run



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 004

Easy way or the Horde way Zombie Run, you choose! Warning: both are infested by zombies



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 0012

From left clockwise: One of the obstacle courses wherein zombies are waiting inside; Grassy fields where more zombies hide and jump out to get you; the finish line for the Alive and Dead runners; and  a prize if you find Waldo!



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 008

Group of friends went to the fun run event by dressing up as their favorite character or as a themed group for the Zombie Run



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 009

Dressing up as anything zombified is more fun than the typical costume for the Zombie Run!



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 0010

Volunteer zombies on the loose! ps. MJ was the best-dressed zombie!



outbreak manila zombie fun run tracey 0014

My foot fell into a hole during the last 0.5km straight jog and went home with a sprained ankle haha!



When In Manila, it was all fun and adventure at the Zombie Run! Crawling on mud just to get an extra life, jumping up and down mini hills inside the forest-type trail, walking into a bloody labyrinth just to find zombies inside waiting, drinking water/100Plus at each water station just to keep hydrated, the list goes on and on… Even my injury was part of the adventure! This was the first zombie-themed fun run held in Manila, and I am pretty sure every single person had a blast! Despite the injured people who were rushed to the nearest medic van, it was a success of an event! I’ll be looking forward to another zombie fun run soon, Re-Create Events! 



Outbreak Manila Zombie Run


Visit the Zombie RunOutbreak Manila‘s Facebook page for more information and pictures:


Where: Nuvali, Sta. Rosa

When: April 14, 2012 (Saturday)

What: Not your typical fun-run, ZOMBIES were present = Zombie Run!



 Zombie Run at Nuvali Sta. Rosa: Outbreak Manila