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When in Manila, the usual spas offer different types of massage, from the usual swedish to shiatsu to combination to ventosa.
At Zense Taipei Spa, massage treatments can also come with diagnosis where they provide consultation with their in-house naturopath, Mr. Joey Hung. Treatments are available to cease any ailment. Zense Taipei Spa does not believe in short term stress relief – the company motto is “Prevention is better than medication.” To be treated, one has to know what one is sick of; Zense Taipei massage therapists conduct report every after massage of every single client while the consultants analyze their report at the end of the day and make diagnosis. 
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Ms. Lily Hung, Zense Taipei Spa owner and skin consultant, told me of some patients who didn’t even know that they have severe cases not until they have had a massage from Zense Taipei. She walked them through one of the toughest times of their lives with Zense Taipei treatments and also medical surgeries with doctors from Taiwan. It is not uncommon for people to only see the doctor when there is already pain. Little do we know that diseases go south even if we dont feel anything painful. What might feel like a common hard stomach might be liver cancer; simply diagnose oneself with hemorrhoid, only to find out colon cancer has progressed. 
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Warm Acu Slide
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To be able to try the WARM ACU SLIDE, you will have to prepare your body with the TAI CHI MASSAGE THERAPY first. This method uses gentle and slow strokes to increase blood flow and oxygen in the body, helping it achieve balance and enhancing mental clarity.



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Zense Taipei Spa



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Chinese medicated foot bath to help release toxins and aid in good blood circulation



WARM ACU SLIDE is the special massage treatment in Zense Taipei Spa that uses 2 ancient medical treatments – Gua sha and Moxibustion. Using the latest technology from Taiwan, a heated ceramic device with infra red helps draw out toxins while expelling “cold air” from the body. In effect, this treatment leads to steadier flow of blood and chi. It is both diagnostic and therapeutic – works great on skin, blood, nervous and lymphatic system. Note that when treatment is effective, distinctive reddening of the skin will occur. For severe redness, consult the therapist to know the corresponding internal organ of the body that may have a problem.

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Indeed, we need the help of people who know how to tell from the onset of certain symptoms. I’m definitely going back to Zense Taipei Spa and be taken care of by the therapists and the consultants. They are all very warm and hospitable, preprared to help me be at my healthiest inside out.


705 Banawe St., Quezon City


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Zense Taipei – Medical Massage Treatments from Taiwan