ZARIL: A Go-To Shop in Maginhawa with All of Your Favorite Brands

Have you ever scrolled through your feed and seen all of those cult favorite brands that YouTubers or bloggers rave about and wondered, “Where the hell can I buy those?” Maybe you’ve also found yourself flustered because you need to find a REALLY nice outfit for a get-together but the mall is too expensive or too far…OR, maybe you’re just hella bored and you want to shop for something cute.

Well, Zaril Lifestyle Store just reopened in Maginhawa, Quezon City! North girls, here is the answer to all of your prayers! Zaril offers a wide variety of items you never knew you needed!


Trendy Clothes

Zaril offers different types of clothing from online brands. You can easily find something to wear at an affordable price — may it be a blouse, a shirt, a skirt, a pair of shorts or even activewear!


One fun fact about Zaril is that they empower small business owners by partnering with young and old entrepreneurs who usually sell items online, but still want to have physical presence. As per owner Iza Alberto, these online brands also have customers who are sometimes skeptic when looking through products online, so they go to Zaril to see the products before purchasing them.


I would describe Zaril as the mini-Greenhills of the North. While you can’t haggle here, you do have A LOT of options available at low prices. Even guys can find something to purchase in this store because they also sell shorts, sportswear, and caps.


Cute Bikinis and Gaming Merch

Planning a get-together with friends? Why not make it a pool party with some card games? Zaril has got you covered! Take your pick from the numerous bikinis that they offer, and grab some fun card or board games that you and your friends can enjoy while you’re at it! Zaril even has those signature red party cups for a competitive game of beer pong.



You know how they say “good shoes will take you to good places”? Well, I believe that good (shopping) places will take you to good shoes. Your shopping experience would not be complete without finding that perfect pair of comfortable footwear, after all.


I personally love slip-on sandals because it’s a lazy girl’s best friend! It’s fashionable but easy to wear just like a pair of slippers. I was so happy to find a lot of slip-on sandals to choose from at Zaril. Moreover, there are also countless pairs of flats here that are perfect for everyday use.

Beauty Products

I’m sure every girl shares the same pain of looking for the perfect lippie. Personally, I’ve observed that you can have a bare face, but look instantly made up with the perfect shade of lipstick or lip tint. As such, I was extremely grateful to find many options at Zaril. They have all the things you need to look your best 24/7.


Moreover, Zaril offers a lot of cult favorite skincare brands like Snail White, Thayers, Mario Badescu, and more! And yes, they’re all legit!


If you also want to change your scent, you can grab some of the perfume being sold near the counter:



No look would be complete without accessories. Necklaces, earrings, or bracelets can give your look the right oomph. Luckily, I got to buy some cute jewelry from Zaril that I can wear to spice up even the laziest outfits.



I also believe that a perfectly coordinated outfit includes a matching phone case. In the age of social media, our phones are basically attached to us like body parts, so why not dress it up, as well?


Milk Tea

You better pat yourself on the back after your retail therapy session at Zaril Lifestyle Store. It’s not easy finding good deals, so you’re bound to get thirsty. Luckily, Cha Tuk Chak has a stall inside Zaril, so you can grab some milk tea and relax after all of that shopping.


All in all, Zaril Lifestyle Store is a great place to find all the things you need in the North. Who knows? You might even make some new friends with similar interests there. What are you waiting for? Head to their branch in 120 Maginhawa and shop now!


Zaril Lifestyle Store

120 Maginhawa St. Teacher’s Village East Quezon City