Youth to Business Forum: Working on a Globally Competitive Philippines




Youth to Business Forum: Working on a Globally Competitive Philippines

The pioneering inter-generation forum is back this October 23, 2013, aiming to create a globally-competitive Philippines and paving the road towards a more sustainable future.

The Philippines Youth to Business (Y2B) Forum creates a unique platform for the business sector and young-adultsto discuss and generate solutions for the prevailing societal issues of the country.

University and college student leaders are encouraged and are given the opportunity to share their innovative ideas, at the same time, work collaboratively with the business sector in creating positive impact for a better society.

Talks on Education, Technology, and Global Experience will be given to over 300 delegates – empowering them in their quest for excellence and world class competence, simultaneously encouraging them to utilize and maximize opportunities that are made available to them as students.

The delegatesare also entitled to join workshops on Project Management, Human Resources, Finance, Operations, and Marketing to give them a look on how these fields work and enabling themto develop the required skills in these professions at an early age.

A Networking Lunch, wherein personal interaction between young people, event partners, and business companies, will also take place during the one-day forum.

Launched last April 2013 by youth-led organization AIESEC,Y2B is able to bring together two powerful actors – leading industries and the youth – in providing lastingperspectives and trailblazing visions in solving issues of national relevance.

Y2B, along with the Global Youth Summit, is among the several forums and conferences organized by AIESEC to provide the innovators of tomorrow a chance to learn from the world makers of today and give them leadership opportunities that instill active societal participation with a global mindset.

The Philippines Youth-to-Business Forum registration will run until October 1, 2013. To register, click here:


Youth to Business Forum: Working on a Globally Competitive Philippines

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