Your​ ​Noche​ ​Buena​ ​Should​ ​Have​ ​These​ ​3​ ​Items

by Andre Barbarona

What are the components of a good Noche Buena? We all know about the ham, lechon, queso de bola, pancit, and lumpia, but what about the others? Surely these iconic meals aren’t the only dishes to grace our Christmas dinners because we Filipinos love to eat. We here at When in Manila want to see you all enjoy your Christmas Eve, so here are our recommendations for additions to your Noche Buena table!


1. Spaghetti

An all-time go-to dish, spaghetti is a favorite of the kids and the kids-at-heart. Filipino spaghetti is sweet and tangy, and served with a generous serving of grated cheese and sliced hotdogs. Serve it for a winning platter that will surely satisfy all the members of the family!


2. Fried Chicken

A good batch of perfectly fried chicken brings some seriously delicious protein to any Christmas dinner. Nailing the breading with a rich mix of spices and flavoring is key to a well-made chicken. Having different kinds add variety to a table, and if there are more pieces are on the table, then more people can enjoy its golden-brown goodness!


3. Chocolate Mousse

Christmas is a season of celebrations and no party is complete without an awesome cake. Take a chocolate mousse cake and just imagine the soft icing and sprinkles on your tongue. It will remain with you even as you chew the bottom layers. Cakes are easy and pleasurable to eat, and they will remind you that Christmas is all about love and happiness.

These three dishes are part of the KFC Colonel’s Christmas Feast, where you can get eight pieces of chicken, two plates of spaghetti, four cups of rice, four drinks, and a chocolate mousse cake. It’s the perfect Noche Buena offering as it’s easy to prepare. Simply go to any KFC store or have it delivered!

May your Noche Buena be as enjoyable as possible! Tell us your Christmas feast in the comments section below and Merry Christmas!

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