Young Artist To Make Unique Artworks To Raise Fund For Rescued Dog’s Much Needed Dental Surgery

Moreen Guese is an artist with a mission to save all stray animals in the world. She uses her artistic talent creating whimsical paintings and cute toys. Proceeds from the sale of her artworks usually go to feeding and rescuing strays in her neighborhood.

A few months ago, though, she noticed that something was wrong with her adopted senior rescue dog, Chessy. She was excessively salivating, and her saliva had a foul odor. The vet said the Chessy had developed a gum disease due to tooth decay and was in a lot of pain. She needs multiple tooth extractions, which will cost 15,000 pesos inclusive of tests prior to surgery.

Moreen cannot afford the surgery–so she is calling on friends to help out. But what she is launching is not charity as she will create customized artworks for donors of 500 pesos or more.

Check out her appeal:

Good day! I’m sorry to bother all of you, but I just wanted to ask for a little bit of help. For quite some time now, I have been rescuing and taking care of stray cats and dogs along our area in Pasig. I currently have seven cats and three dogs. Having a pet is very costly and I have been working extra hard to be able to provide for all my fur-babies. However, there are times when a huge sum of money is needed in order to keep them healthy.

A few months ago, we noticed that one of my senior dogs, Chessy, was excessively salivating and her saliva had a very foul odor. We rushed her to the vet and found out that she is starting to develop a gum disease due to tooth decay. She’s been a stray most of her life and she needed to munch on different types of garbage in order to survive. The vet said that this might have caused terrible damage to her teeth and is now causing her pain. She was initially given medication to ease the pain and for a while it got better. Now the ouchies are back, she is starting to salivate again and is having a hard time eating.

Say Ches Fundraising Drive for the Dental Surgery of a Rescue Dog in the Philippines

The vet said she needs to get multiple tooth extractions and root canals before things get worse. We were given a rough estimate of how much the entire dental surgery would cost and it would reach about 15,000 PHP (inclusive of all the tests needed prior to the surgery).

Sadly, I cannot afford it. I am launching a fundraiser called “SAY CHES! A Fundraiser for Chessy” to be able to help get Chessy’s winning smile back (even if she would have less teeth). I wanted to reach out to you and maybe you can help me out. Any amount no matter how small would be a very big help.

If you want to “Say Ches” and help Chessy, you can do so via PayPal or through BPI cash deposit.

Via PayPal:
Donations can be sent to through the PayPal website.

Via BPI Bank Deposit:

If you choose to send us some help via BPI Bank Deposit, kindly send me a screenshot of your transaction at

Chessy and I would want to thank all of you in advance for the help that you can extend.

To show my appreciation for your support, I will be creating artworks of you and one of your pets for donations of at least 500 PHP.

Thank you very much!
Maraming salamat po!

Say Ches Fundraising Drive for the Dental Surgery of a Rescue Dog in the Philippines - Artworks

Artworks of those who have already contributed to Say Ches!

I hope that some of you will help. Animal rescuers are one of our society’s heroes, taking on the burden of rescuing the voiceless and helpless while getting little to no support. Chessy herself had a rough life before getting rescued. She tested positive for TVT (a form of treatable cancer) and a variety of parasites including heartworms and scabies when she was found weak and bleeding on the streets.

To help, Say Ches! and follow the instructions on how to help.

Say Ches Fundraising Drive for the Dental Surgery of a Rescue Dog in the Philippines

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Photo credit: Moreen Guese


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