You Can Watch Live Productions While You Dine at the Movie Stars Cafe

Words by John Peter Himor
Photos by Trina Armedilla

With the many different concept restaurants emerging from the local food scene, it is easy to get bored with the usual gimmicks that are offered. Thus, many look for restaurants that are new and fresh but are also timeless. It is a tricky combination, but the Movie Stars Cafe manages to balance out those elements to provide their patrons with a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

movie stars cafe cover1Image: Movie Stars Cafe Facebook

The Movie Stars Cafe in Eton Centris, Quezon City, is not your ordinary restaurant. More than a great selection of dishes, they also offer live entertainment and a classic Hollywood-inspired ambiance for an all-around sensory adventure. The Movie Stars Cafe takes pride in serving a feast for both the eyes and the stomach!

Immersive interiors

Movie Stars Cafe MemorabiliaName that movie! Memorabilia from various iconic movies line the interior of the Movie Stars Cafe

Once you enter the spacious area of the Movie Stars Cafe, it is hard to not be impressed by the interior of the restaurant, fully embodying the concept of a “movie” cafe. All around the restaurant are statues and memorabilia from different iconic movies, such as Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. Certified movie junkies are sure to enjoy naming all of the movies that the iconic scenes lining walls came from, signed by the corresponding Hollywood actors themselves.

Phenomenal performances

This restaurant was strategically designed to allow for an immersive experience during live productions. At the center of Movie Stars Cafe is a large platform mimicking that of a theater layout, with side panels and a stage at the far end to allow more space for the performances and to provide a nice view of the production wherever you are seated inside the restaurant. Here, the customers can watch amazing dance and musical numbers inspired by films such as The Greatest Showman, Spiderman, The Matrix, and many others. After the show, the customers can interact with their favorite characters, who would either professionally stay in character or goof around with your barkada.

Movie Stars Cafe Batman DanceYou can interact with the different characters after their dance and musical productions

These live performances are not a weekend-only, special gig that you might miss. Dance productions run on all days of the week that the restaurant is open so that you can enjoy phenomenal performances even on those work-night Wednesdays.

A movie-inspired menu

Even with all of the glitz that the Movie Stars Cafe offers, we cannot forget about the food. Their menu includes a wide array of dishes from flavors all around the world, such as Italian, Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino. Interestingly, their dishes are loosely based or inspired by food or characters from different movies.

Movie Stars Cafe Squid Sisig

The Sizzling Ursula (P500)

For the appetizer, you have to try their squid sisig, aptly named the Sizzling Ursula. Its perfect balance of spice, zest, and seafood flair is a great way to start your meal. You can even partner it with the Little Mermaid (P400), a seafood Pomodoro with mussels, shrimp, and squid, topped with fresh tomatoes and olives.

Movie Stars Cafe Burger

Double Trouble Cheeseburger (P 580)

One of our early favorites is the Double Trouble Cheeseburger, a char-grilled burger which oozes with cheese on the inside and outside. Other heavy hitters include the Hunger Games (T-bone steak, P880) and the Wolverine (pork cutlet, P580).

Movie Stars Cafe Strawberry Mousse

The Maleficent (P240 single slice, P1100 whole cake)

The Maleficent is a devilishly good way to end your meal. This strawberry mousse with strawberry syrup is just the right amount of sweet and tangy to tickle your taste buds so you can’t keep away from another bite. Other desserts Movie Stars Cafe offers are the La La Land (fruit tart, P280) and the Letters to Juliet (tiramisu, P240).

Movie Stars Cafe Restaurant interior

The Movie Stars Cafe is your new go-to place for dining and entertainment in the metro

The Movie Stars Cafe is unlike any other restaurant based on the value it puts on entertainment as a natural (and necessary!) part of the dining experience. You will never get bored with this restaurant which offers something new every time you visit. Whether you’re a full-time movie junkie or simply looking for some high-class entertainment, the Movie Stars Cafe is your new go-to place to be.


Movie Stars Cafe

G/F Eton Centris, EDSA cor. Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Phone: (02) 987-1111
Mobile: 09171401111/ 09992261111

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday  –  10AM to 11PM
Friday to Saturday –  10AM to 12MN