You Can Now Have a Degree in Anime and Manga, Thanks to This University

Have you ever dreamed of working in an anime or manga studio? Well, thanks to a university in Japan, you can be one step closer to achieving that fantasy!


The Kaishi Professional University in Niigata Prefecture, Japan is officially opening a new Manga and Anime Department in April 2021 where students will be able to learn the theory and practice of creating their own story directly from people working in the industry.

“They will learn the theory and practice needed to create for more than 600 hours from leading anime and manga creators, such as professional animators, animation directors, manga artists, character designers, illustrators, and game creators, as well as animation and manga researchers,” Crunchyroll reported.

Among the subjects included in the degree are “Drawing expression technique theory,” “Perspective projection basics,” “Animation production process exercise,” “Manga script training,” “Character design training,” “Screenplay introduction,” and “Planning and Producing Seminar.”

The university will only accept 80 students in the first year of its establishment and will be open for Japanese residents for now. Entrance exams will be held on December 19.

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