YogaLove launches PURE, a Mindfully Crafted Aromatherapy Product Line for Everyday Wellness

Embrace a mindful and improved lifestyle with YogaLove’s all-natural and cruelty-free PURE essential oils, body oils, candles, and more.

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Healing and wellness is everybody’s secret goal in life

Essential oils and natural scents have been bridging traditional methods with modern-day formulations, gaining mainstream popularity for years. YogaLove, a brand that focuses on natural products for stress-free living, now bridges those formulations for better overall well-being and promotes a happier and healthier life.

Founder Monique Gonzalez is an entrepreneur and health and wellness enthusiast who created YogaLove, which first gained popularity with its best-selling Cooling Cream in 2013. As they mark its 10th anniversary, the brand continues to seek out new ways to promote its mission. They prioritize mindfulness and being present, recognizing that everyone needs something pure and nurturing in their daily lives to be able to live a balanced and stress-free life.

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YogaLove’s new product line, PURE, is all about embracing a healthy and happy lifestyle by triggering the body’s relaxation responses through the art of aromatherapy. All products are mindfully made with high-quality, therapeutic, and proprietary essential oil blends derived from all-natural resources — guaranteed to be safe and suitable for all skin types, as well as being cruelty-free. PURE is produced in small batches to preserve quality, potency, and authenticity. And without any harmful chemicals or shortcuts, they are only made with YogaLove’s 100% pure love. It even goes in the form of roll-ons, essential oils, daily body oil, face oil, and aromatherapy candles!

So, here are some ways you can feel and enjoy YogaLove’s #aPUREkindalove:

Take time for tranquility

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RELAX, take time for tranquility. Calm your mind and body with Yogalove’s relaxing blend of French lavender, bergamot and cedarwood after a bath, or even just before bed. These blends will help you get better sleep and even sleep longer than usual. Winding down with YogaLove’s Relax blend helps you release the worries and stress that you may have faced for the day.

Your next-level line of defense

Feeling under the weather? Level up your defense with YogaLove’s IMMUNITY blend which is made with YogaLove’s pure tea tree, rosemary and eucalyptus scents. This blend will definitely do the trick in providing you with an extra layer of protection from bacteria and possible mild sinus concerns.

Lifting your mood and boosting yourself up is vital and essential

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Lift your mood with the scents of lemon, sweet orange, and grapefruit from YogaLove’s ENERGY. Not only do these scents provide a refreshing aroma, but they can also improve your mood and help you maintain a positive outlook.

Indeed, it is just perfect to use any time of the day, especially if you need to perk up your day!

Heal, Soothe, Grow

When you’ve had a long day, you do need to recover. YogaLove’s RELIEF + RECOVERY blend is made with peppermint, ginger, and cajeput that helps to relieve muscular stress, tension, and migraine while helping you drift off into serenity.

Did you know that PURE can be an everyday routine too? 

Adding YogaLove products into your daily routine is easy and can create a peaceful and calming environment that promotes relaxation and improves your overall well-being.

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Start your day by using the YogaLove PURE Daily Body Oil, made with Jojoba and Coconut Oil, to help invigorate and soothe your body after you shower. Its feather-light, dry touch and ultra-hydrating formula will keep your skin nourished and moisturized all day. When you need a quick pick-me-up, simply apply a few drops of your preferred PURE roll-on essential oil to your pulse points or use the PURE essential oil with your YogaLove diffuser to create a serene ambiance in your home or office. And before bedtime, simply light a PURE aromatherapy candle to help you unwind and get a good night’s sleep.

YogaLove’s products offer a daily reminder to take care of oneself, one day at a time. Confidence, regenerative moment, and daily defense are all powerful habit transformations we’re sure you’ll keep. So, why not experience and indulge in #aPUREkindalove today?

Embrace a healthier, “well-thier” life and order yours now via for your everyday wellness. Don’t forget to like and follow YogaLove on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!