Yexel Toy Museum at Manila Ocean Park with Top Cosplayers Alodia and Myrtle



Geeks rejoice!!! 

What once was just a collection of toys (be it a crazy intense world class collection), has now turned into a full fledged museum! 

The Yexel Toy Museum just opened at Manila Ocean Park and who better to help celebrate the opening than two of the top cosplayers in the country, Alodia Gosiengfiao and Myrtle Sarrosa. 

Here are some awesome pics of the new Yexel Toy Museum with Alodia and Myrtle!

All photos by Jionor Verona











Where It all Began 
Yexel Sebastian started his toy collection when he was 7 years old by collecting small toys from fastfood outlets. As a young adult, he became a member of popular dancegroups, had a stint in show business, worked abroad and gained enough capital to pursue his expensive hobby of toy acquisition. He exemplified his passion through his toy museum. He is an internet sensation with over 500,000 fan base in social media. Yexel is a producer, director, scriptwriter and actor of his short films. Yexel’s aim for putting up his toy museum is to inspire the Filipino youth to follow their dreams. 

Why Toys are Essential 
Children need toys because these items cultivate imagination, encourage critical and strategic thinking and build positive childhood memories. Toys reflect ideas, feelings and inspiration for a bright future. Toys used as “pretend play” focused on communicating their thoughts, socialization and learning. Children acquire a direct experience with the world and gain self-esteem in the process of play. Parents and teachers can observe children while playing to know more about their skills and interests. This will be helpful for an enriching child development. 

What can be Seen 
Toy enthusiasts and children of all ages will surely enjoy a fabulous time with Amazing Stories of Yexel’s Museum by Manila Shows and Display Corporation, the newest tenant of Manila Ocean Park. There are 7 spaces featuring Yexel’s life-sized interpretations, educational exhibits on toy making, spiders, outer space and more. These toy collections are a testament to the fine Filipino craftsmanship and superb quality. A souvenir shop and activity area are also found inside the attraction. The Amazing Stories of Yexel’s Museum is located at the second level of Manila Ocean Park.
















photos by Jionor Verona




Yexel Toy Museum

at the Manila Ocean Park complex

behind Quirino Grandstand

Luneta Manila Philippines 1000


Yexel Toy Museum at Manila Ocean Park with Top Cosplayers Alodia and Myrtle