YAY! Netflix will air a brand new Voltron series!

Head’s up, Voltron fans! The lion robots are going to unite once again!

Unveiled at Wondercon 2016 was the first teaser trailer of the new Voltron series, which will be aired on Netflix this coming June.

According to reports, the first 13 episodes of Voltron: Legendary Defender are scheduled to air on June 10. The new series would be pretty much the same as the original 1984 series, but with more character-driven storylines. So I guess we can expect some new plot lines rather than a remake (YAY!).

But story plot isn’t the only thing we can expect to be new: Voltron himself got a makeover!


He’s easily recognizable—with the trademark lion heads formed as his hands and feet, but he looks a lot smoother than 32 years ago (and a lot cooler, too). Hopefully he’s got some new moves along with the upgrade!

You can check the teaser trailer below:

What do you think of the new Voltron? Are you excited to watch this?