Xiaomi showcases tech that makes the selfie camera ‘disappear’

Xiaomi is apparently working on a technology that makes the selfie (or front) camera “disappear.”

The company announced the under-display camera on their social media networks. They posted a quick video on Twitter that demonstrates how this tech works.

Check it out below.

Xiaomi revealed that they patented a means to make the display transparent without reflecting light in any way when the screen is completely black and the diodes are off. They intend to put a 20-megapixel selfie camera with the 5P lens under the panel, but the OLED itself also acts like a plastic layer.

Xiang Wang, senior VP at Xiaomi, shared more about this new technology on Facebook.

xiaomi under display camera 1 xiaomi under display camera 4 xiaomi under display camera 2 xiaomi under display camera 3

Xiaomi has not provided any details when a phone that carries this technology will be released. We are hopeful to see it on the next Mi Mix iteration. The Mix series is popular for carrying huge displays and tech innovations like the Mi Mix 3, which was one of the first phones to offer 5G tech in Europe.

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