WWE’s “Ninth Wonder of the World” Passes Away at age 45

WWE lost one of its legends last Wednesday.


According to reports, Joanie Laurer – whose WWE Stage name was Chyna – was found unresponsive in her apartment. Investigators are looking at drug overdose as a possible cause of death.

Chyna began her pro wrestling career on the WWE stage in 1997 and was one of the pioneers of WWE’s D-Generation X team along with triple H and X-Pac.

She then went on to be one of Wrestling’s biggest female personality and was seen in many wrestling story lines overpowering male wrestlers, which was a first in the WWE Stage (Then WWF).

Chyna was also the first-ever female entrant in the Royal Rumble, marking a history in the Wrestling landscape of the WWE.

So far, only two other WWE divas has entered the Royal Rumble.

Chyna left the WWE scene in 2001, reportedly due to personal reasons between her, Triple X, and Stephanie McMahon; she transferred to New Japan Pro Wrestling a year later, then reemerged in Total Non-stop Action on 2011.

Chyna also did some Adult films from 2004 to 2013 when she was out of the wrestling industry, releasing six movies during her stint.

Upon hearing her death, Stephanie McMahon posted a farewell message for Chyna.

Do you remember Chyna? What are your favorite moments of Chyna in the ring?