Write Like a Real Novelist With This Typewriter Keyboard

Many of us are tied with bills and responsibilities that we tend to set aside what matters most to our hearts. With the new normal though, working from home has given us the opportunity to do more things–things that we are most passionate about. Now that we do not have to wait for hours in transportation terminals and rush hour traffic, we are able to spend it on something that we have been wanting to do but had no time for…like writing a book. Who knows, we might have been holding up to one of the greatest stories the world has ever known but never got to write it.

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While we are forced to stay indoors due to the threats of the coronavirus, I started writing as a form of release. Our bottled-up emotions constrict us even more and writing has helped me overcome the walls that cage us in. Since we already set up a nice workspace at home, we might as well make the most out of it and fill it with little details that will inspire us to also do something for ourselves.

I am talking about something like this mechanical keyboard that looks and sounds like a typewriter. Owning a typewriter is every novelist’s dream. Like, imagine writing on a beautiful cloudy day with a perfect cup of coffee…does that not sound nice? Present-day technology helps us make this dream come true and with a less ecological footprint. This retro-style keyboard can connect to smartphones, tablets, desktop, and laptop computers via Bluetooth or USB. It is a plug-and-play device so you can start writing like a real novelist as soon as you receive it in the mail. That’s right, you can order it online now because it is available on Lazada!

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This LED-backlit keyboard comes in RGB and white variations that can be adjusted through its rod and revolver. It is a full-sized metal keyboard that measures 31 by 17 by 3 cm and has 85 round keycaps that are made of impact-resistant materials. You will definitely enjoy writing in these mechanical keys with its tactile and audio feedback to make your typing more accurate and precise. So, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting another moment and start living the dream! Check out this item on Lazada now!

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