Wrangler Just Released the Perfect Travel Planner for 2017


“What is your passion in life?”

Many times, we are asked that question. It’s vital to know what we want. Time passes by so quickly that most of us often let days go by without living them to the fullest. I’m not telling you to travel and experience something new everyday– no. A day in itself can become so much more when you focus on your passion. Whatever it is– whether it’s really travelling or even just writing, taking photos, playing sports, and many more– Wrangler wants you to pursue it.  

Wrangler has always been about providing the perfect denim apparel for dynamic individuals. They believe life is an adventure when you make it out to be and it is only fitting that they create clothing designed for that kind of lifestyle. These individuals are called True Wanderers as they embark on everyday journeys while pursuing what they love. Wrangler wants to bring out the True Wanderer out of everyone, thus the campaign #WanderWithPassion.

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As you go about your daily adventures and explorations, Wrangler’s 2017 planner is the perfect travel companion to write, organize, and visualize what you want your year to be. It is a reflection of the True Wanderer in you.

The planner has four quarterly planning booklets (January to March, April to June, etc.) and one booklet just for notes. You can attach two booklets at a time, which I find very convenient because you don’t have to carry the whole year around with you. That makes it less bulky and you’ll get to just attach what you really need. The planner also has a stylish and durable leather cover to boot.

Wrangler Wrangler’s Travel Planner with the booklets

The booklets have different passion-inspired themes per month and even a pre-trip checklist on the front page. Each month also has adequate space for notes per month, week, and day; making it possible for you to jot down everything that you have to do without worrying about writing space. You may think it’s not necessary to have a planner, but it really helps a lot. There’s something magical about documenting your thoughts, in my opinion.

WranglerPre-Trip ChecklistWranglerPassion-inspired theme for December

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WranglerOctober to December booklets of Wrangler’s Travel Planner

You can avail of this planner for every Php4,000 single-receipt worth of Wrangler regular-priced items. Not only will you get quality apparel when you shop, but you’ll also get to grab a copy of this planner! Neat, right?

If there’s anything that you didn’t get to accomplish this 2016, don’t miss the chance to do it next year. With Wrangler’s Travel Planner, feel free to express what you want to do, where you want to go, and what you want to be. Make 2017 better than this year and turn all your passions into reality. Be a True Wanderer.

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