WOW: This public library in Cebu is open 24/7!

Anyone can now have access to books 24/7 in this public library in Cebu!

Recently, uploaded by the official Facebook account of Cebuano politician Tommy Osmeña, he declared that the Rizal Public Library has been “outfitted for 24-hour use“.

He also indicated in his post that operations apply beginning Friday (March 9).

“The library will be open until Midnight. It is now also open 7 days a week. After all the necessary upgrades are in place, it will be extended to 24-hour operation.”

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Do you think the rest of our public libraries should have 24/7 access, too? Let us know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: does not own any of the photos above. Credits go to Cong. Tommy Osmeña.