WOW: This photographer shows that you don’t need a huge budget to produce amazing photos!

Creativity and cleverness can definitely take you places and allow you to produce the same results as to how professional services can render. A classic example is budding photographer Kircy Alegre Tan who shared before and after photos of his photo shoot with a friend outdoors. Choosing a “cluttered location”, he maximized his photography and editing skills and produced an amazing outcome!

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Tan for further details.

“We were (supposedly) on our way to our location for a Sk8ter Girl/Hippie-themed shoot. Because it rained, we decided to continue the shoot kahit sa tabi lang. They said that the outcome might not be good because the location didn’t look as pleasant. Things turned out great – I was also amazed with the output of our shoot even if our location was cluttered.”

Check out the photos below!

Tan graduated from Lyceum of the Philippines University – Laguna, majoring in AB Multimedia Arts. He also used a Nikon D5200 with 50mm f1.8d manual lens and Adobe Lightroom to post-process this photoset.

We had basic photography and advanced photography classes in college but I didn’t pursue photography since I focused on graphic design. But last November 2017, I was inspired by an international photographer named Brandon Woelfel – how he created magic on his portraits amazed me. I’ve watched several tutorials on YouTube to learn his style and then tweaked a little bit to have my own branding.

The “Tabi-tabi Photoshoot” idea was inspired also by a post on 9gag – the ones who shoot inside the mall and viola! The final outcome appeared as if the portraits were shot outdoors. I posted this to inspire people especially for enthusiasts who have a tight budget to travel.  You can shoot anywhere and be amazing everywhere!

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Disclaimer: does not own any of these photos. Credits go to Kircy Alegre Tan.

You may check out more of Tan’s photos here.


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