Wow!: Monk Seen On Top Of A Wind Turbine By Drone

Drones are great tools for seeing things from a higher vantage point. With their high flying  capabilities, drones see things beyond the eye could see. However, here’s one thing NO ONE would have expected to see on top of a 240-foot wind turbine: a Benedictine monk.

monk atop wind turbine

Photo grabbed from

A video footage of a guy sitting on the flat top of a wind turbine in Portsmouth, Rhode Island caught the attention of online viewers after it was posted in Youtube.

According to the Associated Press, brother Joseph Byron, the Benedictine monk seen in the video, works at a private school in Rhode Islands and often climbs the turbine because he “enjoys the view.”

Byron admitted he found the drone, which was owned by a tourist, interesting when it passed by a first time,. But he got annoyed after it had circled around a second time.

Byron said in the report  that some alumni he haven’t heard from in years began contacting him after seeing the video.

I guess it’s hard to find privacy, even at 240 feet in the air.

Think you could chill at 240 feet in the air like this guy? Comment your thoughts below!


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