World Health Organization Declares “Bacon is Carcinogenic”

For someone who grew up in having hot dogs and bacon with eggs as comfort food, the declaration from the World Health Organization, yesterday was a bit shocking.

Bacon is carcinogenic

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) – a research division of the World Health Organization -our all-time favorite bacon, hot dogs, sausages, and other processed meats are carcinogenic.

As explained by the agency, processed meat means, it has been transformed through salting, curing, fermentation, smoking, or other processes to enhance flavor or improve preservation.

The study also showed that according to experts, the risks of colorectal cancer may increase by 18 percent for each 50-gram portion of processed meat eaten daily. (I think I eat more than that!)

Additionally, IARC also concluded (based on a limited evidence), that red meat such as beef, pork, and lamb, fall under “group 2A, which means they could “probably be carcinogenic to humans.” This conclusion was observed in association with colorectal cancer, as well as, pancreatic and prostate cancer.

Furthermore, the recent findings were concluded by 22 international experts, who reviewed hundreds and more than a decade worth of research studies about cell mechanisms that could lead to cancer.

On the other hand, while cancer remains as one of the top causes of death globally, it could be preventable, only if we limit our meat intake and acquire a healthy lifestyle.

I’m 100% sure that you’ve probably heard it before, but I will say it again, that exercise and proper diet are the best way to lessen the risk of any disease.

However, as a mom, anything that would make my life easier in the kitchen, I do. And, this includes fast cooking products like hot dogs, sausages, bacon, and the wonders of delivery! But, with this tasty revelation, I’d probably lessen my consumption to eliminating it eventually. (Who am I kidding!)

Oh well…

Bacon is carcinogenic funny

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