Comfort Food to Beat the Rainy Day Blues

“Rain drops keep falling on my head…” It’s rainy season once more! Tropical Depression “Juaning” is currently caressing the streets of Manila and we have no choice but to brave the rain on a regular workday. But what if we’re just spending the day at home? Or we simply need something to make this ho-hum day bearable? All we need is some TLC perhaps, and if all else fails, a serving of good ol’ comfort food will definitely save the day.




Bibingka (Rice Cake)– There’s nothing like a warm piece of bibingka served fresh out the oven! While hot, serve with a teaspoon of butter on top, sprinkle some sugar on top (optional) and enjoy!




Bulalo – Would you believe this soup has the softened beef bone marrow as the main attraction? Pinoys often call it “biyas ng baka” Love it!


coffee espresso


Coffee – Whether it be instant, brewed, or bought from your friendly neighborhood cafe, Pinoys love a sip of this to complement their rainy mornings.


la paz batchoy


Batchoy – This noodle soup with pork innards, crushed pork cracklings, and vegetables makes for a weirdly delicious treat!


halo halo food


Halo-halo – This cool dessert originates from the Tagalog word “halo” which means “mix” in English. It’s crushed ice mixed with milk and sugar and filled with a mixture of beans, jelly and fruits. It’s usually topped with rice puffs, ube ice cream (optional), macapuno (optional) and leche flan. Those who go for the unconventional might dig a cup of halo-halo even on a rainy day. As a child I would say, “My stomach isn’t freezing anyway.” lol


hot cocoa


Hot choco – Whether it be made out of cocoa tablea or store-bought instant choco drink, it’s a fail-proof way to perk you up on a rainy day. Serve with marshmallow for added love!


instant noodles


Instant noodles – Sometimes during we’re too lazy to prepare anything that we could just grab a cup of no-cook noodles and we’re good to go. Still, it works all the time!




Lugaw (rice porridge) – This is an all-time favorite of Pinoys! Serve plain, with meat slices (arroz caldo and goto), or sweet (champorado). Your tummy will thank you for that!




Turon – It’s sugared banana and jackfruit bits wrapped in spring roll wrappper and fried to crisp perfection. This will definitely make your rainy afternoons something to look forward to.