Women’s Month at SM Mall of Asia Got Everybody Inspired and Empowered!

Women’s Month at SM Mall of Asia Got Everybody Inspired and Empowered!


March 29, 2014 marked the date of honoring 100 women from different fields and industries as advocates for the true meaning of empowerment. The essence of INSPIRE revolves around banishing the old stereotypes about women and pushing forward the idea that in today’s world, women are encouraged to give opinions, be who they want to be and never be limited by any roles imposed by society.

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Project Headshot Gallery for Women’s Month


According to the  Senior Marketing Manager for Advertising of SM, Ms. Pat Mendoza, there have been other SM initiatives to celebrate Women’s Month in the previous years. However, they wanted to step things up this year and create a greater avenue to promote the diversity and beauty of every Filipina. Thus, the INSPIRE event was born in partnership with Project Headshot Clinic and Dream Project Philippines. Not only do they want to empower women; they also want to promote initiatives that uphold the dreams of the Filipino youth. 

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Mr. Prim Paypon from the Dream Project Philippines and Mr. Niccolo Cosme from Project Headshot Clinic giving a speech on-stage


Before the event started, I got the chance to talk to some of the women who were invited in this wonderful event. Ms. Mags Cue, owner of fashion apparel Mags, told me that she found it really flattering to be a part of this celebration and be an ambassador for women empowerment through INSPIRE.

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Ms. Mags Cue


On the other hand, Ms. Ingrid Santamaria, one of the notable classical pianists of the country and across the globe, said that she was really honored to be given a chance to participate in such an event and that she believed that women must know that possibilities for women to become even better is just endless. 

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Ms. Ingrid Santamaria


Also, there is Ms. Wilma Galvante,  who is the current head of TV5’s entertainment division and is the former senior VP for entertainment of GMA7, who said that to be given the opportunity to share her expertise and experiences to serve as an inspiration to women and the youth is something that she wouldn’t miss. 

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Just a quick photo with Ms. Wilma Galvante after she received her Project Headshot token onstage


Unfortunately, not all of the 100 women in the Project Headshot gallery came, but still their presence was felt through an Audio-Video presentation played during the event. It showed clips of the 100 women, sharing that despite their diverse careers, roles, religion, age and preference, there is always something to celebrate when it comes to being a woman. 

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Women’s Month at SM Mall of Asia Got Everybody Inspired and Empowered!