This woman became the human form of an emoji after using this on her face

A few clicks down the internet will tell you that there are DIY face masks that you can make at home with ingredients from none other than your kitchen! These include sugar or coffee grounds for exfoliating, honey as a natural acne remedy, and so much more where that came from. Call it an old wives’ tale or a case of mother-knows-best, but sometimes, the results are not what they seem.

In the case of an Indonesian woman and Twitter user @ibuibuyakult, the face mask that she made with turmeric has turned her into an emoji—or in other words, yellow.

According to a report from the World of Buzz, the user said that she simply followed her mom’s advice. “My mum said turmeric is good for masks but why is the YELLOW NOT WASHING OFF,” she said in a Tweet.

Turmeric, or as we call “luyang dilaw”, is a spice normally used in curries, teas, and sauces. Known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, some people use turmeric powder as a face mask because it is believed to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, skin irritation, and fine lines.

In an interview with WOB, the user said that it took her about two days to finally remove the yellow stain. “It lasted for about two days. I put extra effort (into) getting rid of it, to be honest,” she said.

Users recommended mixing the turmeric with honey before applying. On the other hand, another user wrote: “You used too much turmeric! I have used turmeric in my mask before but it has never left a yellow stain. Try using turmeric mixed with oatmeal and powdered milk instead, not just turmeric.”

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