Wives Unite for Power Over Cervical Cancer

I completed a set of cervical cancer shots a few years back. Coming from a family who has a history of cancer, we try our best to practice preventive measures when it comes to our health. Every womanregardless of race, age, lifestyle, or socio-economic statusis at risk. The World Health Organization recommends screening and vaccination as a form of preventive healthcare.

Wives Unite for Power Over Cervical CancerSeafarer wives during the Gift wrapping session

The Cervical Cancer vaccine I availed before was from GSK and, up to this day, they continue their efforts for Cervical Cancer Awareness, informing Filipino women that they have the power over Cancer.

To further advance this advocacy to embrace more women across all demographics, the pioneering Power Wives will be the Seafarers’ Wives, who will undergo a program that will include sessions on personality development, image building, personal resilience, financial management, and self-care.

Wives Unite for Power Over Cervical CancerChiqui Barretto helping Suzi Entrata to gift wrap

“The significance of the Philippine maritime industry transcends both the global and national arena. Undeniably, 90 percent of world trade is still reliant on international shipping. This means that almost all the food we eat, clothes we wear, the things we buy, use, own, in one way or another, were shipped onboard vessels before they get to us,” stated Capt. Ronald SJ Enrile, Senior Vice-President Maritime Management of Philippine Transmarine Corporation, the country’s biggest shipping-employment agency.

Wives Unite for Power Over Cervical CancerMake-Up Artist Mica Tuaño during her demo with Host Suzi Entrata at the Power Over Cervical Cancer, Power Wives Event 7

Securing the OFW families’ future is important. The future should not only mean financial stability, but also health and wellness among the family members. Therefore, the need for health checkups and vaccination becomes more imperative.

To know more about cervical cancer, visit the Pangarap Mo, Protektado page on Youtube containing various short films conveying how protecting oneself against vaccine-preventable diseases is one important step in the achievement of one’s dreams.


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