Winter’s Tale – A Movie Review

Winter’s Tale – A Movie Review 


When in Manila, bring your lover to an extended Valentine movie date and see Winter’s Tale – if you two believe in love at first sight, unicorns and fairytales, that is. 


My Review of Winter’s Tale


Winter’s Tale is a movie about a thief, Peter Lake (Collin Farrel) who falls in love with the rich Beverly Penn (Jessica Brown Findlay), a dying girl who owns the house he breaks into.  A love story that could mean a happily-ever-after, if only a kiss could cure and save the girl from death and from the hands of Pearly Soames (Russel Crowe), Peter’s former gangster boss who reports to Lucifer – played by Will Smith.  


Set in 1900’s in New York City, the movie will drown you with love and more love in the first hour of the film, but in the end tastes a little bitter, tiring and dragging. At times, my friend and I would give each other a puzzled look as the movie progressed, our expressions spelling “what?!” and “what is happening?!” as if we could get the answers that we needed from the movie that way – but the scenes just gave us unintentional laughs. 

At last, Jennifer Connely (as Virginia) appeared on the screen, in the present day New York City where Peter found himself but he has never aged, and he cannot remember his past.  Then, there is Eva Marie Saint, who connected us to the past, and the beautiful white horse that transported us to the present. 

Winter's Tale When in Manila

The beautiful visuals in the film are so amazing that everything seems to “glow” including Pearly’s scars, which the movie fails to explain. 


His Review of Winter’s Tale


I thought Winter’s Tale lacked a sensible plot. It was very, very hard to swallow the plot, considering there are films out there with considerably more unrealistic plots that actually make sense on the big screen (Life of Pi, for instance). The love story itself lacked depth, probably because the film was too busy making its plot more believable. I can only commend it for its confidence and conviction to explore such a story. In the end, Winter’s Tale reminds us that not all books are easily convertible to film.


But, we don’t want to focus on what is unknown and what is not there in the movie. We want to give this film some love, and here are the 5 things that viewers can learn from the Winter’s Tale movie:

1. Love at First Sight can happen. Well, to some people, it can happen – just like in the case of Peter and Beverly. I am (honestly) still skeptical about it.  I know love is  process and (may be) a system. I would like to believe there is even an equation to love (like a good conversation, and random things that connect two people).  Or maybe, I am looking at different people. 

2. Love can change a person. A thief can be a knight in shining armor, just like a frog can be your prince charming. You know what they say, if the person can make you a better person, the person is for keeps. Or maybe, the love is for keeps. 

A WINTER"S TALE When in Manila

3. Live the moment. You don’t need a doctor to tell you, you only have 7 days to live to enjoy life. Dance, eat chocolates, express your feelings and just live life. 

4. Miracles can happen. Period. 

5. We meet people for different reasons. The random people we encounter in our lives are not just strangers in our eyes – most often, they let us see what we fail to see. They are there, in the right place and at the right time – but they will not always stay in our lives. 


When in Manila, Winter’s Tale is a strong and confident passionate love movie, with the elements of time travel and fairy tale. The movie though has some loopholes in the plot and theme – that literally left the audience speechless in the end of the film. It is a mystery. The movie stayed true to its theme – love is after all, mysterious. 



Winter’s Tale is now showing in Philippine cinemas

by Warner Bros. 

 Movie review by Ruth dela Cruz and Ralph Jacob 



Winter’s Tale – A Movie Review