#WIMAsks Dutdutan 2017: What is your most memorable tattoo?

Written by Christian Viñas
Photos by John Paulo Obia

Bikinis, skin arts, bands, beers, and more tattoos! It was a celebration of art and ink at Dutdutan 2017, and it was a blast!

Held at World Trade Center last September 1 and 2, Dutdutan 2017 was on a roll from beginning to end. There were showcases, the tattoo competition, and 140 participating booths. Dutdutan 2017 featured guests who are renowned international artists in the ink industry such as tattoo artists Bobby Ruiz, Luke Wessman, Tone Chingon, and Big Carlos Rivera. Whang-Od, The World’s Oldest Mambabatok, was also given recognition.

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Now that tattoos are considered to be a mainstream art (“come on guys, it’s 2017”), we asked some of Dutdutan’s event-goers who proudly flaunted their ink: What is your most memorable tattoo?

Lizzie has a Tiki Girl as her memorable tattoo. She loves everything Hawaiian and has had her tiki girl tattoo for two years now.

KC’s memorable tattoo is a Koi fish, because he’s a Pisces. He also considers this as his lucky charm of sorts. He’s had it since 2016.

Cathy’s tattoo is the Mother and Child inked all over her back! A memorable one indeed, as it symbolizes that she wants to be a mother someday.

Chris’ most memorable tattoo is his mom and him on his back. Showing love for your momma and also your love for art, talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Kevin’s tattoo is a Cheshire cat on his right hand, from the movie Alice in Wonderland. It’s because he loves cats and the Cheshire cat kinda reflects his personality: comical and silly. He’s had this tattoo since 2014.

Ruby got her tattoo from Cebu and it is a goth girl on her wrist. She reflects on her memorable tattoo whenever she needs to be reminded of her true self.

Gigie’s memorable one is her first inka bird! She has tattoos of bible quotes on her, too.

A pentagram tattoo on his forehead? Oh yes. He said it is because he can express his rage even better (whenever he likes) with it.

Julia has a cat tattoo on her arm. She likes cats and has sheltered a lot of cats in her house at Bataan. The one on her arm serves as a memory that she will always be an animal lover.

This couple’s memorable tattoo is fun cause the guy only got his very recently (it was an owl) and was picked by his girlfriend. On the other hand, her tat represents her love for Japanese culture.

The art of tattoo and the tattoo culture is full of interesting people, contrary to popular belief that it is “an act of idiocy”. These people right here are a testament that a very ancient art is still alive and kicking up to this day. Upon attending Dutdutan 2017 and seeing these awesome people, it can be assumed this art won’t be gone for a long, long time, that’s for sure.

See you next year!

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