4 Things to do in Dutdutan Besides Getting Inked

Written by: Kat Mayuga
Photos by: Josh Trinidad

Despite its name, Dutdutan, the annual tattoo convention in the Philippines, is an event where everyone, including those who are afraid of needles, can enjoy. If you don’t plan on getting a tattoo anytime soon but want to check out the next Dutdutan, here are four other things you can enjoy at the convention:

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4. The merchandise

Perhaps you’re running out of OOTD ideas, but don’t worry. Dutdutan has some interesting clothing stores for you to check out. Interesting graphic tees and even the official event shirt are worth adding to your wardrobe.

3. The live music

Music keeps the atmosphere lively and some of your favorite bands from reggae to hip-hop are usually there to keep the crowd happy. The great thing about Dutdutan is that they invite bands from different genres. You would still enjoy their live music even if you’re a rock n’ roller or a reggae lover. Bands such as Chicosci, Typecast, Sino Si Kat?, and Wilabaliw rocked this year’s stage, to name a few.

2. Get pierced

If you’re keen on getting something semi-permanent on your body from Dutdutan, you might want to take a look at body piercings. Unlike tattoos, you can opt to remove body piercings once the wounds have fully healed.

1. Watch the tattoo competition

If you don’t have any form of tattoo on your skin but appreciate the art anyway, you can still admire the tattoos at Dutdutan. The event’s tattoo competition is a great place for that. Each of the contestants walked on the ramp and proudly showed off the art on their skin. Here are some of the incredible tattoos we saw at the competition:

Were you there? Whose piece was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

Dutdutan Philippine Tattoo Expo


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