WIKApedia E-Booklet: Brush Up on Your Filipino Skills

Have you seen the WIKApedia e-booklet that the PCDSPO launched for Buwan ng Wika this year? No matter what your level of experience may be in the Filipino language, you can now brush up or improve on your Filipino skills and learn more about the language, in general. God knows how much I need this!

Wikapedia PH

While I did get a bit of a nosebleed when I first started reading it as I tend to with the Filipino language, I now realize how helpful and cool it is! In fact, it’s full of a lot of helpful tidbits like the difference between using ‘ng’ and ‘nang’, ‘din’ and ‘rin’, ‘dito’ and ‘rito’, ‘daw’ and ‘raw’, ‘lalaki’ and ‘lalake’, ‘puwede’ and ‘pwede’, etc.

Wikapedia PH

What started out as a Facebook page teaching Filipino is now a 100-page booklet that anyone can download for free here: https://pcdspo.gov.ph/downloads/WIKApedia_Booklet_2015_ed.pdf Pretty cool if you ask me! 🙂

Do you have any problems with the Filipino language? Share my pain with me! :p

WIKApedia PH