Why You Should Always Ask for a Receipt: Driver Almost Gets Tricked at Gas Station

If you have a car, then getting gas is something you probably do at least twice a week. However, how often do you actually ask for a receipt? More often than not, we hurry so much that we just don’t care about the receipt. However, one lady’s experience might change your mind. Read Kristine S.’ story below.

Gas Station Receipt Gas Station Receipt 1


10/16 05:51 AM. I decided to gas up P500 from Petron Corporation Nabua. After doing so he confirmed “Mam ok na po 200.” (Mukhang mabait naman si kuya)

So I corrected him, “Kuya, 500 po.”

He then said he will just gas it up with additional P300. So I paid more attention to my phone thinking he would do what he said. Done, I handed the 500 bill and asked for a receipt (I don’t normally do this but this time I did!). He went to the cashier, went back and handed me a receipt which says P300 saying, “Naipit po ung isang resibo, di po namin makuha Ma’m.” (“The receipt got stuck in the cash register, we can no longer get it”)

Instinctively I checked my gas meter and it looked odd. So I demanded for a receipt that will complete the 500 that I paid for. He went back to the cashier, and back handed me a receipt which now says P500. Still doubtful I thanked Kuya and started to drive away.

2 kms after, still feeling uncomfortable, checked the receipt again and noticed the date for 500 receipt was LAST NIGHT 9PM! Now really pissed, Uturned and drove back. Pulled my windows down I asked the cashier, “MS. ASAN ANG 200 KO?”. Sensing the tone that I wasn’t in the mood to negotiate, cashier handed me 200 PHP without a question.

They know what they’ve done and were hoping to get away with it. Trick you with other people’s receipt so it would seem they gassed you enough. So no one made eye contact with me. My parting words to Kuya and Cashier: “Wag kayong ganyan ate, wag nyong isangkalan yang dignidad at trabaho nyo sa dalawangdaan.”

So always always pay attention to the gas meter while filling up, and ask for receipts. I’m sure this happens in other gasoline stations too.


It may just have been P200 in this case, but it can be a bigger amount in the future. So remember to pay attention when getting gas to avoid cases like this.

Have you ever had a similar experience? What did you think of this story?