Why should you take care of yourself? 3 Lessons from a Leadership Webinar

I recently attended a webinar entitled “Lead yourself, team, and company to wellness.” Although the class was held online, it was surprisingly uniquely interactive.  I’d like to share some key takeaways that I’ve learned, which may be helpful during quarantine.

Why should you take care of yourself? 3 Lessons from a Leadership Webinar

3. Leadership starts from within.

Yes. You read that right. Leadership is an internal factor. Working (and for some, studying) in the 21st century has many complexities, and we must learn to adapt to be great leaders. The modern era is a fast-paced one where we get to collaborate with different types of people. This includes updating our skills with the advanced technology that we are exposed to.

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2. Leadership comes with achieving personal wellness.

Wellness is part of leadership, and it has three factors. First: it starts with positive well-being. Second: there should be improvement in relationships. When these two are partnered, as a result, there will be productivity in the organization.

1. Transformational leadership is important.

Have a sense of purpose in people-focused leadership. You have to ask yourself, “how do I work with others?” There is a need to see the different love languages of our colleagues and employees. It is a challenge because it takes a lot of selflessness. However, we now live in a time in which building healthy, working relationships is more than just assigning tasks.

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It was definitely an interesting afternoon for me and the entire class. In-between topics, we even had breakaways sessions to share our thoughts and how we could apply certain theories or keywords to our everyday lives. The organizers, Integrality, offer more transformative webinars, as well. In fact, they even have promo bundles that are available at discounted rates for a limited time only. For more information, you may contact them through these details:

Institute for Integrality, Inc.

Unit 404A Wack Wack Twin Towers, Mandaluyong




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