Here’s Why Jessy Mendiola Prefers Not to Buy Designer Bags at Actual Boutique Stores

Jessy Mendiola recently posted a vlog on YouTube of her unboxing her new Chanel bag. The bag looks great and all, but what really piqued our interest was when Jessy opened up about why she prefers to buy designer bags and other luxury items from resellers and personal shoppers instead of in actual boutique stores. Apparently, she has had negative experiences abroad.

Apparently, when she visited a designer store in Paris four years ago to buy a bag she had saved up for, the sales assistant looked at her from head to toe and then totally ignored her. “Medyo napahiya ako [I was a bit humiliated],” she shares. (This has ‘Pretty Woman’ vibes written all over it.) So, she just left. After all, why should she buy a bag if she was treated that way?

Two years after that, when she visited a luxury brand store in Taiwan to buy a wallet and sunglasses, the salesperson ignored her, as well. She recalls that she tried to show the sales associate pictures of what she was looking for, but they didn’t even look at her phone; they just ignored her despite no one else being in the store.

Because of these experiences, Jessy says that she chooses to buy her designer favorites through certified resellers instead. “Natatakot na ako pumunta sa boutique [I’m scared of going to boutique stores now],” she admits.

Watch her full vlog here:

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