Why Do You Run? 3 People Share Their Stories of Happiness

Written by Mikaela Zulueta (@kelazulueta)  / Photos by Rhobynne Villaluna (@rhobzvillaluna)  / Video by Neal Lacatan (@nealtravelgram) 

Sometimes, happiness is a generous helping of salted caramel icing sandwiched in-between layers dark chocolate cake with an extra scoop of ice cream on the side and feeling absolutely no remorse for it because you know you deserve it after an intense cardio session.

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Happiness can also be seeing your pup run around in circles with his tail wagging in all sorts of directions the moment you reach for his leash. It’s letting him pull you out of the door and all the way down the street. Having to stop mid-jog every few steps so he can pee on a bush or a trashcan – or even a stranger’s shoe – is all a part of the gratifying routine.

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Happiness might even be passing that cute girl on your afternoon run, accidentally bumping into her once a week, which then turns into a bi-weekly engagement, which then becomes a few times a week until eventually, you’re seeing her everyday and it’s the best part of your day. You might not even like running, but you do like her.

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Other times, happiness is simply finding the right pair of shoes.

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No matter how much you love food, your dog, or that certain person, though; running can be a pain. There’s just something about cardio that brings out your inner sloth. Even a quick 10-minute jog can feel like an eternity on the best days. A mile has your feet ready to fall off. Going around your village forces you to double over in exhaustion, sweat streaming down your face and breaths coming out in puffs. Funnily enough, the simplest solution is oft one overlooked: using appropriate sportswear – like Saucony shoes – that’s fit to the task.

Saucony 3Saucony’s Kineta Relay utilises an inner fit sleeve, memory foam, and a featherweight platform for ultimate comfort

Saucony 9Saucony’s triumph feels like a sock but supports like a cradle 

A lot of people don’t realise that they’re actually using the wrong kind of shoes when they work out or go jogging. This causes you to exert more effort than necessary. I’m a living testament to this: for two weeks straight, when I first started jogging, I used regular sneakers and ended up with a swollen ankle. While my case might be more of an extreme one (and the universe’s way of telling me the “fit” lifestyle may not be for me), the fact remains that footwear matters.

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It isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of situation either; running shoes work differently for different people. Some people prefer power and dynamism with Saucony’s Triumph. Others prioritize a shoe with that cushions your feet like the Kineta Relay. As for me, all I know is that hopping my way around the house for a week after my stint at being healthy has led me to the lesson that the thin platform type of shoe is definitely not the one for me.


What qualities do you typically look for in your running shoes? Let us know in the comments below! 

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