Why Chance The Rapper in Manila was Worth the Wait

Manila finally got the chance to see Chance.

I’ve been waiting for Chance the Rapper to come to Manila ever since he released his mixtape Coloring Book in 2016. I’m not a huge fan of spending thousands of bucks on concerts, but I promised myself that I would spend that much on three artists; Chance The Rapper being one of them.

For his Asia tour, the Philippines was Chano’s third stop after Osaka and Tokyo. The rapper’s concert here in Manila brought thousands of people together who sang their hearts out and brought the Mall of Asia Arena into a frenzy. It felt like a sing-along party. I couldn’t resist my excitement when he sang my favorite songs specifically Mixtape, Blessings, Angels, Work Out, and I’m the One, the song which I didn’t expect him to sing at all.

What I admire most about Chance is how he praises God in his songs. I might be a bit bias here, but I have yet to hear a rapper as genuine as him. His music is all about good vibes and is just really my type of chill music. It was extra awesome to hear him live. Together with thousands of fans, this was a concert we have been waiting for for years and we finally got the chance (pun intended) to see Chance.

The Chicago native was heartwarming and genuine to the Filipino crowd. Throughout the concert, he knew how to connect with his audience and there was no doubt that the latter felt the same with the rapper. I personally enjoyed how he treated the crowd, how he was himself on stage, and most especially how he sang a variety of songs from all his mixtapes namely Acid Rap, Coloring Book, his band The Social Experiment, and his singles which were released just a month ago.

Last May 2016, I was fangirling over Coloring Book and how much I wanted to watch Chance live because of it. I can’t believe I finally got the opportunity to see him live where he also sang his new singles. Needless to say, it was all worth the wait to witness Chance the Rapper deliver a wonderful show in Manila.


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