Why BINAY Will Win Presidency: He Keeps the Two Strongest Busy While He Campaigns

Former friends now arch nemesis, engaging in verbal disputes and debates through the media and even a slapping war? Nope, that’s not the plot of this week’s famous teleserye–although it would make a good one. This is what the top presidential candidates (based on recent SWS surveys) of our 2016 elections have been blabbing on recently. Not platforms nor accomplishments on this week’s social media rampage on our presidentiables but a.. “slap-a-thon”

Anyway, while these two were “busy”, Binay has been going around, shaking people’s hands, the poor, the people who have no access to the internet or even clean water, the people who live in remote areas. This is his tactic, according to Anchinette  Villamor who shared her opinion about why Binay will win this election:

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 10.51.21 PMIn text:

Binay would likely win this election. He’s mounting the smartest campaign: keeping his head down and letting the two strongest keep each other busy, going to places and people the other candidates have dismissed as irrelevant.

Let’s not forget that a huge number of the voting population does not have access to the Internet, not even to potable water or electricity. Let’s not forget, too, that many of the most eloquent and opinionated people on social media thumb their noses at the electoral process and could not even be bothered to register as voters.

So really, the fight is in the people and places that are quiet and ignored–the poorest and the remotest, the most disdained and marginalized, those that have never known overtime premiums or heard of Wharton; and there is enough of them–so much of them, in fact– to give Binay the presidency. As Milafel Hope Awe pointed out, going grassroots is the same tactic he used to beat Mar Roxas last national elections, so don’t be surprised if he wins. Binay is clever, in the way of sneaky antibiotics-resistant bacteria. 

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