Who’s Who in Bazooka Rocks III: The Ultimate Band Guide

Who’s Who in Bazooka Rocks III: The Ultimate Band Guide 


The first ever indoor music festival in the Philippines is back for thirds in this year’s Bazooka Rocks and this time, they will bring us a wonderland of the hottest local and international bands guaranteed to fill your weekend with high voltage rock! With their quirky tagline: “Air-conditioning and Shelter from the Rain ROCKS!”, Bazooka Rocks III is bound to give us the best music fest experience. After all, we won’t have to worry about the country’s crazy weather since it will be held at the SMX Convention this August 30 and 31. And the best part? There will be no sections – just one massive pit!

For you to fully enjoy the 18 performances they’ve got lined up, here is the ultimate guide to the bands that will rock the house at Bazooka Rocks III:


Who’s Who in Bazooka Rocks III: The Ultimate Band Guide 


Day 1: August 30

Gates Open: 12:00 PM

Brickcity (Stage time: 2:00 PM)

A Punk/Hardcore/Ambient local band by the name of Brickcity is opening Bazooka Rocks III with loud and angsty music that is sure to energize the crowd for the rest of the day! Based in Quezon City, the band’s music is highly influenced by stories, lost love and all things in-between. Their latest release “Common Remedies for Contemporary People” hasn’t left my head since the very first time I heard it, so I’m sure their performance will be remarkable. Here is their official music video: 



Runway Crimes

Stage time: 2:45 PM

Taking over the stage next is Runway Crimes, a rock band based in Manila whose major influences include Deftones, Isis, Taking Back Sunday, The Used and many more from the alternative/pop-punk rock genre. Formed in 2009, the band started out with friendly jams and now, they’ll be jamming at Bazooka Rocks III with their mindblowing original music alongside their major influences! Talk about a dream come true! With an upcoming album to be released in 2015, you can totally expect a great performance from this band. Wait for their songs “Maybe in Another World” and “Skies”. 




Tiger Pussy

Stage time: 3:30 PM

Next up on stage will be the riot/punk band called Tiger Pussy from Cebu City.  As interesting as their name, they also have pretty interesting music to share based on failed relationships and sexist issues. They started in mid-2008 and have grown so much since then that they are now ready to rock the stage of Bazooka Rocks III with their kick-ass music. Here’s a video of one of their live performances:



Ria Bautista

Stage time: 4:15 PM 

Drummer extraordinaire and former Paramita vocalist Ria Bautista is set to rock the stage next with her soulful and heartfelt songs of love and life.  Ria is one of those indie musicians who is now taking the OPM world by storm with her amazing talents and her undying passion for underground Pinoy music. Her passion reflects in her music, so you can totally expect an electrifying performance when she takes the stage. Here’s a video of her singing her hit song ‘Hiling’ live:   



Senses Fail

Stage time: 5:00 PM

When the clock strikes 5, the band Senses Fail will set the stage ablaze! This American post-hardcore band from New Jersey has been making music since 2002. With their new album “Renacer”, often described as the band’s rebirth, their fans can definitely expect a brand new feel from their songs. It’s a positive and bolder approach to post-hardcore like you’ve never seen or heard before. Their songs ‘Canine, ‘Between the Mountains and the Sea’ and the very interesting ‘Mi Amor’, sung almost in complete Spanish just blew my mind! What to expect from Senses Fail? Here’s an example:



Saves the Day

Stage Time: 6:30 PM

Another New Jersey based rock band called Saves the Day will be up on stage next and their spunky and energetic pop punk tunes is sure to perk you right up if you’re tired from standing and rocking out by then. Since their debut in 1997, the band’s music has grown a lot and this is very evident in their latest album, which was released in October 2013. Their new song “The Tide of our Times” is going to sound awesome live. Here’s a little preview:




Taking Back Sunday

Stage Time: 8:00 PM

One of Bazooka Rocks III’s most awaited performances is up next as Taking Back Sunday takes back the Philippine stage! This New York based band already did a concert in the country and as one of those fans who missed it. This is my chance to hear my favorite Taking Back Sunday song ‘Make Damn Sure’ live and also the ones from their new album ‘Happiness Is’ like ‘Stood A Chance’ and ‘Flicker Fade’.  Here’s how this amazing band takes over a crowd:




The Used

Stage Time: 10:00 PM

The final act for Bazooka Rock III’s Day 1 is the much-awaited Utah based band The Used. They’ve been around since 2001 and have been making amazing music to this day. Their songs are my teenage life anthems and I cannot wait to hear them growl and scream live. I’m also excited to hear songs from their new album ‘Imaginary Friends’, especially my favorite, ‘Revolution’. See how The Used set fire to the stage:  




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