BAZOOKA ROCKS: Bazooka, indeed, rocked!!


BAZOOKA ROCKS: Bazooka, indeed, rocked!! 


When In Manila, about a month ago, a massive music festival that everyone surely remembers happened. The last weekend of September 2012 was the weekend (Saturday Meet & Greet, and Sunday concert) that highlighted my year, and I am pretty sure it goes the same to all other concertgoers.


Now, let me take you back to the best weekend ever which was Bazooka Rocks 2012! (Heads up: It will be more on A Skylit Drive because they’re my all-time favorite!)


Bazooka Rocks 2012 official poster


The moment I stepped in the venue of Bazooka Rocks, I was taken by the beautifully loud music and I was basking under great vibes. When I got to SMX Convention Center, The Wonder Years was already in the middle of their set. To be honest, I did not know any of their songs but their amazing performance and catchy jams converted me to a fan right on that very moment. Too bad I missed Avastera, because I heard they were incredible!! 


IMG 8185

The Wonder Years, Bazooka Rocks 2012


After The Wonder Years, A Skylit Drive was up next. I desperately looked for ways to squeeze myself among the humid crowd because I had to get to the front. I just had to! They were the main reason I attended Bazooka Rocks in the first place! People were already pushing during the 30-minute break, before ASD went on stage, so I took the chance and went along with the wave. Finally, I was able to get in front, but more like second row, though it wasn’t so bad anyway.  There were two huge screens marking the countdown. The final 10 seconds felt like the longest 10 seconds ever! The crowd screamed, 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. And it felt so magical when I saw my A Skylit Drive dudes came out. Everything was perfect!


IMG 0551

A Skylit Drive, Bazooka Rocks 2012


Jag’s and Brian’s introduction remarks echoed through the speakers and I knew at that very moment, everything was about to get insane! Bazooka Rocks was insane! I literally cried when they started playing, especially when they played my favorite songs! The feelings and mixed emotions that I felt can not be easily put to words, so I’ll just leave you with some photos that I took at Bazooka Rocks and see what I saw. 


BAZOOKA ROCKS: Bazooka, indeed, rocked!! 



IMG 8179

The Wonder Years, Bazooka Rocks 2012



IMG 0546

A Skylit Drive, Bazooka Rocks 2012



IMG 8266

Forever The Sickest Kids, Bazooka Rocks 2012



IMG 8336

The Maine, Bazooka Rocks 2012


John O.’s moving speech while their set on Bazooka Rocks; I can’t even express how thankful I am/was to have experienced such an amazing concert with such great people around me.


“I have something to say real quick. Don’t you ever think in one moment, in one second of your life, don’t any of you ever think that you’re entitled for something. Okay? I want you to make sure that whenever you want to achieve, you work hard for it. Alright? I want you to make sure that anybody in your life that helps you out with something, you make sure you thank them. Alright? You see all these people out here? You can’t see all these people behind me, and you can’t see all the people that were back there, back there, up in the dressing rooms, that behind the sound board, there’s a whole lot of fucking people that make this whole thing happen. Alright? And I, on behalf of our band, just wanna say thank you to all these people. I wanna say thank you to everybody. I wanna say thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (points to the audience) Thank you to everybody that put this thing on. Man, I had a lot of fucking fun. So you go home, and you make sure to thank your mother, your father, your grandmother, your grandfather, whoever is raising you … Thank them for raising you. And allowing you to be here tonight, man. You make sure you thank your friends out here, brothers and sisters for keeping you all safe. And on behalf of our band, I just wanna say thank you for watching us, thank you for supporting us, thank you for being here, man. We’ll see you soon.”


– John O’Callaghan, The Maine (Sept. 30, Bazooka Rocks)



IMG 8341

Marianas Trench, Bazooka Rocks 2012



Unfortunately, I had to leave Bazooka Rocks right before Marianas Trench finished their set. I wished I could’ve stayed for Mayday Parade since I am also a big fan of theirs, and The Pretty Reckless. I really wished I could’ve stayed longer. 


Nevertheless, it was the best concert experience I’ve ever had: I was just a face among the crowd who squeezed, pushed, shoved, got pushed & shoved, elbowed, got elbowed, just to find my way in front of the crowd. For the best view (second row ain’t so bad for someone who just got to the venue 20mins before ASD went on stage! Haha!). For the love of hardcore music. For the love of music, in general. For the love of mosh pits. For the love of the concert scene. Bazooka Rocks is <3


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BAZOOKA ROCKS: Bazooka, indeed, rocked!! 


Bazooka Rocks Concert Manila Philppines