WHOAREMARO Presents The Lifedrawing Setup 7

Manila is quickly rising to be one of the top cultural hubs around Asia. With art events like markets, galleries, music gigs, and other concept events being more common than ever, there’s no doubt that there’s an ever-growing creative community within the city


One event, in particular, that’s responsible for growing the creative the community would be the best and most popular drawing event in Manila — The Lifedrawing Setup.

Last April 22, WHOAREMARO produced The Lifedrawing Setup 7 — the seventh in their series of nude figure events and parties that attracted artists and people curious about the field to a night of drawing, live music, drinks, black attire and socializing. If you’re someone looking to get to know more people in the creative community while polishing up your drawing skills in the process, this is the event to go to. Everyone is welcome to attend the event, artists range from professionals to students to hobbyists to veterans to people who don’t even come to draw but just to hang out because they’re looking for a different feel for the nightlife.


The event features back-to-back male and female nude posing sessions, live music from local the underground electronic scene, cocktails sponsored by Bombay Sapphire, and a lineup of featured artists who have their art merchandise for sale.


WHOAREMARO, the two-man team have been producing these premium events since 2015 and have consistently delivered a classy and laid back atmosphere to an event with the main theme of having a nude figure surrounded by dozens of attendees. If you feel like you missed out on these events, worry not! The Lifedrawing Setup is produced by WHOAREMARO every two months so make sure to follow them on social media if this is the type of event you’re looking for.


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